Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Merriman Park has sort of been put on the back burner, these days. I'm not gonna lie, the weather here in Minnesota has been way too glorious to stay cooped up in the basement with a giant, unfinished dollhouse! No, you don't understand! Spring usually sucks here in the Upper Midwest! We usually still have brown, crusty, leftover snow on the ground in April and we haven't had so much as a flurry since March first. It's INSANE! Not only have our ten-thousand lakes been unfrozen for ages but there are gaw-jess flowers blooming, people! The grass is green! I got sun burned, already! It's too surreal!!!

Also, my dollhouse project has been usurped by Project Runway. No, not the popular TV show, my own special, private project runway --I am making a party gown for my best friend's daughter who is turning thirteen and the theme for her Bat Mitzvah party is: Masquerade! The dress is a glittery confection of pink silk designed with an abstract harlequin pattern (thanks, Oscar de la Renta) embroidered from the fitted bodice to the bottom of its floor-length hem with iridescent fresh-water pearls. It's still just in pieces but I'll snap a pic if I can ever find the freakin' camera, which never seems to be in the same spot, ever!