Monday, July 8, 2013

The Master Bedchamber--Revealed!

At last...the Master Bedchamber is finished!  Well, a dollhouse room is never completely finished, is it?

The decor reflects the 'modern,' Empire trend, which was coming into fashion at the beginning of the 19th century.
Things are still arriving in the mail.  The other day, these lovely, hand-turned, ebony wood urns turned up...
I think they look terrific on the mantle.  They were made by an artist in Arizona who goes by 'Oppie.' I found him on Ebay and asked if he would make a pair of the urns you see (he only had a single) and he explained that he couldn't make an exact, matched set because of the small scale. But when I told him it didn't matter to me that they were perfectly matched, he immediately went to work and produced the set you see above. The tops, turned from Osage Orange, are removable. (BTW: they are drop-dead gorgeous and I can't tell the difference between the two)!  Thanks, Oppie!

The swagged curtains turned out so well --I thought-- that I made a full-scale version for my 'Real Life' powder room! Next, I'm going to attempt to make a 'RL' pelmet for my bed --why should dolls have all the glamor?

What do you think of the cushions I made for the window seats?  I also stitched all the bedding. The mini-patterned fabrics were found at the Chicago show.  Well, the white coverlet I made from an old table runner I almost tossed because it had a red wine stain on it. No, I did not do the diamond patterned stitching --it came that way. I'm not the 'hoarding' type but recently, everything I once threw out with impunity gets the once-over!  Spooky. Speaking of stitching, believe it or not, I am going to try and petitpoint a seat covering for the chair --so wish me luck on that endeavor because I've never tried petitpoint before! We will have to revisit this subject at a later time...
My wardrobe closet is stuffed chock-full with fashionable clothing from Italy.  No, not Gucci, Pucci, or Fiorucci! They were made by Paola, of Paola & Sara, who also made the duo of devastatingly, handsome dolls who reside in Merriman Park. I feel so lucky to have my armoire stocked with bespoke Italian ensembles!  (More on that subject, later)... 

On top of the wardrobe is the aforementioned hatbox, also from the Chicago show. It reads: Dunn & Co. Hat Makers. London.  The vase of jonquils is from non-other than Martha McLean, whom I had the great honor and pleasure of meeting in person while in the Windy City. Her floral work is just superb. (Spring had barely sprung when I picked up these seasonal favorites and now that summer is in full-force I might need to go back and get some lilies or roses or something)!
A few more items of clothing from Paola: velvet-lapeled jacket, red silk waistcoat, buff-colored pants and silk cravat. All the drawers in the room are filled, too.  I've got stockings, gloves, folded shirts, garters, handkerchiefs, unmentionables --you name it!  If you look hard, you can sort of make out the diminutive slippers and shoes Paola made in the lower, toile-papered drawer. Isn't everything just too cute for words?
I'm still trying to find/make things for the vanity table.  The framed silhouette is one of a pair, vintage 1950's Grandmother Stover pieces. The mirror is by Jim Coates. 
I have some framed, architectural prints in the room --does anyone recognize this particular one?
 Last but not least, check out the opera pumps made by Sylvia Rountree of The Doll's Cobbler.  (They're on the rug).  Sylvia gave them to me as a present at the Chicago show and they are one of my favorite things in the whole house!
Well, I guess that's the Master Bedchamber!  Thank you, everyone, for all your comments along the way. I've been asked what my next project will be and to be honest --I'm not sure. I have a lot of ideas so it's just a matter of picking one out. So, you haven't seen the last of me.  Just go ahead and try getting rid of me.  I am a one-hundred and seventy pound boomerang, darlings! I have a few more Merriman Park posts in store and then I think I might branch off and start a new blog --so stay tuned!

Someone recently asked on their blog "what kind of music do you listen to while doing miniatures," and I had to laugh because I usually listen to classical music, not the cheesy pop I have been posting. (Not that there is anything wrong with that)! Then I remembered that one of my absolute favorite classical pieces was in a movie I had once seen: Farinelli, il Castrato.  So I looked it up ...and found it!  Anyway, I hope you like Lascia ch'io pianga as much as I do...
CONFIDENTIAL TO SIMON (if you're reading): Check out the baroque theater in the video. It's so you!