Friday, December 20, 2013

Karin Corbin's Mini Glitter Houses

As luck would have it, I won not one, but two of Karin Corbin's Glitter Village kits!  Karin designed the most adorable little houses which you can buy at her Etsy shop. They are beautifully assembled into kits and when they arrived in the mail a few weeks ago, I couldn't help tearing into them and I put them all together in the course of a few hours!

I was hoping to get my camera fixed by now but I'm still relying on the phone --sorry!  

I set up the village around a little square, just like 'Who-ville.'
They are extremely tiny --this whole village square is just a few inches across. Karin designed them so that the first few houses are simple to put together --but they get increasingly harder as you continue through the was like doing a puzzle --highly entertaining!  Thank you so much, Karin!

After I had all the buildings assembled, I had to apply the glitter --they are 'glitter houses,' after all! I even used micro-glitter which is as fine as pixie dust  --and I'm afraid I got it absolutely everywhere-- all over the kitchen table...tracked all over the house...all over myself...I can't look in the mirror without finding a minute sparkle somewhere on my face.  I'm still cleaning up the mess and expect I'll be finding sparkles til next July.

There are more buildings being planned for next year and you can get a sneak peek at Karin's blog. I can't wait to get the next set! 

The little village looks perfect with all my other decorations. Karin wanted to see photos's a peek:
My favorite Christmas book: 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'
My little village sits on the cabinet in the dining room where Merriman Park usually goes. The dollhouse is currently at a holiday show at the Waseka County Historical Society.  

I got to attend the grand opening weekend of the show and met the absolute nicest people down in Waseka --both at the show and in the darling, little town itself. Here's the house set up at the museum:
I sort of decorated the rooms for Christmas though they didn't do much 'decking the halls' during the early 19th-century time frame: no trees, for example. But most of the fireplace mantles have magnolia and boxwood greens on them. And I placed garlands on the outdoor railings and wreaths on all the windows.
Look! The sign on top of the glass vitrine says that I'm 'internationally recognized!' Well, how about that? 

Sorry I have been so inactive, lately...between shlepping Merriman Park down to the Waseka County Historical Society, the holidays themselves, and general day-to-day drama, I just haven't had the time. But I look forward to catching up with all of you.

Growing up, this was one of my favorite Christmas songs in one of my favorite Christmas TV specials. We used to drive our parents completely crazy singing this song. I can't imagine why...