Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Neat Stuff!

Here's a shot (above) of the glam, new chandelier that I got at the Chicago show.  Ain't it purty?  It was made by  Gerri DeCave, with whom I spent a highly entertaining half-hour (at least)! getting the 4-1-1 on all the behind-the-scenes goings-on.  Of course my crap photo doesn't do the chandelier justice at all!

In addition to magnificent, sparkly baubles for your dollhouse ceilings, Gerri specializes in re-vamping off-the-shelf Bespaq furniture, giving her pieces her signature, high-end flair.  All of her drawers are lined in lovely papers, (so naturally, when I got home, I had to do the same)! 

And here's the Stokesay Ware pattern I'm collecting...they only had one plate left in my pattern in Chicago --which was probably lucky for my wallet!

I guess you can't really tell that I lined the silverware drawer with fancy paper from Brodnax Prints.  The drawer is a tad disorganized --it looks rather like my 'RL' drawers, LOL!-- perhaps I should make dividers for the various utensils?

Candle tipped over in the background. Ugh!
I picked up this perfectly adorable hat from The Doll's Cobbler, a.k.a. Sylvia Rountree.  Mere moments before stumbling across Sylvia's cute-as-a-button booth at the Chicago show, I had procured a hatbox just down the isle --so naturally I required a hat to go in the box, right?  Well, the hat has ended up on the Entrance Hall table, not in the hatbox, where it tragically would not even be seen --duh!  (The hatbox is in the Master Chamber, but that's another post)...
There's already a speck of dust on my new hat :(
 Perhaps here you can see the newly-papered drawer holding a pistol? (above) You know us Americans --we always have loaded firearms lying here and there about the house. Note also the added flourish of a tasseled key.  Because you can't have a deadly weapon without a fabulous, hand-made tassel.  Yes, darlings, I made the tassel with my own two hams --er, I mean hands (no small feat with my definitely undainty digits)...

NEXT WEEK: The Bedchamber REVEALED!!! (If the rest of my stuff gets here).
This week's music video is in honor of the --finally-- hot, sticky, summer weather we're having --YAY!  Enjoy it with a refreshing ice cream treat while you leave a comment!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thank You, Sophia!

Well, your humble reporter finally reclaimed his camera, so I thought I would show you the lovely, black and gold urns that Sophia from Small Talk gave me at the Chicago show.  They're simply di-voon and I love that the little lids are removable!

Sorry that I've been sort of MIA the past few weeks.  Life certainly has it's ups and downs, right? You do understand?  Of course, you do.

On the mantle are the new clock and trophies from David Iriarte.  (I should probably take a better photo of them that will do them some justice)!  To the right of the fireplace is a firescreen I made from a House of Miniatures kit.  Actually, it's two kits because the screen came with a square panel and I replaced it with an oval one.  No, mes chers, I'm afraid I did not paint the floral image --I could probably have pulled it off  in 'real scale,'-- but I don't have the patience (nor the expertise) for that sort of work and so I decoupaged it.

BTW, Forgive me for not lately commenting on your blogs...I'm afraid I'm dreadfully behind and I am desperately trying to catch up!

It's been nothing but rain, rain, rain here in Minneapolis --but the sun somehow managed to peek out for approximately five minutes today so I snatched the op to snap these few photos.  Did I mention that I am absolutely coo-coo for those urns?

Coming up: the Master Bedchamber, revealed!  But first, in honor of Marisa from Steinworks: a MUSIC VIDEO!