Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Miniature" Ballgown --LOL!

OK, I know I'm pushing it --it's not really a miniature as in doll size. But this is the dress that I have been working on for about six weeks and yes! it is finally, at long last, complete!

I guess it probably doesn't look all that complicated but all those diamond shapes of my "updated harlequin" design are appliqued by hand. Each separate shape has grosgrain ribbon "stripes" sewn in rows, then I top-stitched a wider ribbon over everything to create the harlequin effect. Real, freshwater pearls are sewn where the ribbons intersect. (As always, you can click on the photo to get a closer look).

The party --or I should say parties-- are this weekend. I am also doing the decorations for all three events: a dinner after the Friday service, a luncheon after the Saturday service and then the Masquerade Ball on Saturday evening. I have already made up thirty-six planted arrangements in terracotta bowls for the luncheon and made table arrangements for the masquerade consisting of wig-forms with elaborate, feathered coiffures. They are pretty outrageous! I am making all-white, cut-flower arrangements for the dinner. I'll post pictures of everything next week. Then maybe I can get back to poor, neglected Merriman Park!


Karin Corbin said...[Reply]

What a great project and it is a dress worthy of the princess wearing it. I am sure she will treasure it all her life.

John said...[Reply]

Too bad she'll out-grow it by next month!

Jeri Elsner said...[Reply]

The dress is beautiful, John...and having been at several events you have done flowers for, I KNOW they will be beautiful and one-of-a-kind-gorgeous!

But I am still in SHOCK that Hannah is THIRTEEN. OMG. Time really flies!

Final Note - Hannah has turned into a lovely young woman.

Karin Corbin said...[Reply]

Time to get back to blogging. Miss ya and want to see what is going on with you.


John said...[Reply]

I know, I have been terrible! Haven't got much done on Merriman Park this summer, but that will change when the weather turns (and believe me, that won't be long here in Minnesota)!