Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Camera!

Regular habitues of Merriman Park will no doubt clap their hands and rejoice that my old camera finally bit the dust.  Or should I say bit the sand --as in the powdery, fine beach sand from the islands of Hawaii, sand which found its way into the minute, inner-workings of said camera and left it utterly inoperable.  And I had just figured out (thanks, Irene, sweetie) how to snap a non-blurry photo with the blasted thing...

So I thought I would practice using the new camera by shooting a few pics of some of the very latest features I have recently acquired for Merriman Park.

Here are a pair of chairs I made from a vintage (1980) House of Miniatures kit.  (They're still under construction, so don't judge them too harshly)!  These will end up in the Entrance Hall once I finish them all up. They come two to a box and somehow even though I only have room for six I ended up with eight total!  Note to self: ebay plus cocktails equals too many chairs!  The olive-green, striped silk coverings arrived the other day in a batch with some other silks.  But more of that, anon.
The table in the background was an inexpensive piece I doctored up with a faux-walnut finish with gilt accents.  The top is a light stone effect and I added a mirrored back for extra sparkle.  Because there can never be enough sparkle, right?
These chinoiserie-style stands will go in the Drawing Room, flanking the door.  I love using black as an accent color!
The tops have little scenes painted on them!  How cool is that?  They will be placed in the very back of the room, so unfortunately you won't get to see the design very well...
The book and compote I think will add to the 'lived-in' feeling of the finished room.  That is of course IF it ever gets finished!  (Rest assured that I'm working on something better to put inside the dish --other than the balls of museum wax-- so don't read me)!
I think these griffin andirons will look great in the Drawing Room fireplace (and they would also make fab real life cuff links!  Bonus)!
They go so well with the console table I received from Glen for Christmas! 
I splurged a little on this tea set but that's what income tax refunds are for, right?  I guess some of these photos are a little blurry, but I'm still getting the hang of the new camera!  (Sorry, Pedrete)!
I would love to have a real tea table like this one from JBM!  Of course I don't drink tea that often, unless we're talking the Long Island Iced Tea variety! Ching-ching!

I think that's it for the Drawing Room...but here's a little sneaky peaky of some of the Dining Room features...
The wallpaper is a period  (1803) French pattern from Chinoiserie.  The fireplace is from Braxton Payne and the newly-arrived striped silk will be used in the buffet niche, and for the seat cushions and draperies.  I can't wait to use my Pretty Pleater, Ray!!! Pretty Pleater!  I just can't get over that name, LOL!  (Wasn't she a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race)?


Elga said...[Reply]

You sure have been busy while you were without an camera. I am still learning how to use mine after 9 months, a tip my daughter gave me (now I presume you have one of the smaller point and shoot ones)is to use the zoom function instead of trying to focus a few centimeters away from a miniature and it does make a difference plus I use the macro setting all the time.

Sionchi said...[Reply]

Perfectas para la entrada, aunque no estén acabadas ya se ve el estilo y elegancia que tienen. Todo maravilloso.

Fi.P said...[Reply]

Hooray,Hooray, some action in the miniature world!!!

Hello Darling, So happy to see your back into the swing of things. I just love all your GLT's!!!!!

Tables chairs and all sorts. I'm always weary of ordering things once i have started the cocktails but I don't think you can go wrong with those chairs.So many beautiful things and i just love the wallpaper and fabric, they compliment beautifully. The fireplace is just gorge too!!!

Good to see your back in the swing!!

Love Fi xx

P.S Love your Diva post!!!

Steinworks said...[Reply]

I love the Griffins and the tables

It's good to have you back and working again with a good camera (Im a bit jealous cause mine is crappy but at least it works right?)

have fun with your pretty pleater (I feel so left out everyone is doing window treatments except me)

Marisa :)

John said...[Reply]

Hi Elga! Isn't it frightening when you have to rely on the children to show you show you the way?

Gracias, Sionchi! Espero que lo están haciendo bien. Muy bueno saber de ti, querida!

Hello, Fi! I've turned over a new leaf and will never shop and drink again, EV-AH!

RuPaul's Drag Race is my favorite show! Do you have her in Australia? I saw an interview where Ru said her show was aired in over twenty different countries across the globe --(but not England, for some reason)! Sorry Andy, Si...

John said...[Reply]

Hi Marisa! There's still sand coming out of my old camera, lol! It will be a little while before i get to the 'Pretty Pleater' stage on my next room...(I want to finish the Drawing Room, first). I'm not sure why I have all of a sudden become so methodical.

Daydreamer said...[Reply]

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, GORGEOUS! I LOVE the new Stuff!!!! Those Gryffens are Beautiful.... so is that Fireplace... and I Love the Glittery mirror you added to the console table! I can't wait to see more of your rooms completed... that "Pretty Pleater" everyone is talking about must be a very handy thing! I have yet to try to "Style" any of my curtains.... I have a Love/Hate relationship with Curtains (did post on my blog about it...)I want them to be Real so they can open and close.... silly ME! Or I want to see out the window and don't want the curtains at all..... (Even Worse!) So far the most I have done is tack up remnants of lace and fabric.... and promise myself that Someday I will make them Look right!
As usual... I'm LOVING your work!

Simon said...[Reply]

Hey Kiddo.
Great new pcitures and I LOVE your new purchases. The pretty pleater thing is hilarious right? I gotta get me one of those though! I love the wallpaper for the Dining Room, I had thought I woule go more with plain painted walls but all I have used so far has been paper paper paper!!!
I have the same problem as you re eBay - it's a dangerous thing! A week later Scott calls me when he's working from the home office to sya "oh, and you appear to have won something else from eBay!!
Keeps them on their toes though, right!
Take care
ps is ti me or are the new robot proof words in the comment section a royal PITA ? It takes me 2 or 3 attempts! LOL
Si -x-

John said...[Reply]

Betsy, I understand how you feel about curtains/draperies. I think you've done a lovely job with your window treatments even without benefit of the Pretty Pleater! (I still laugh every time I type that).

Hi, Simon! I don't know why I find the name 'Pretty Pleater" so amusing. My friend, Christopher, is as enthralled with the drag-possibilities of 'Modesty Panel,' which cracks me up, too.

Re: comments, I KNOW! I may not be a robot but I am also NOT an FBI Code-Cracker, either! What GIVES, Blogger?!?!

Josje said...[Reply]

Great purchases John! I love the new wallpaper with the silk and the fireplace.
Isn't it nice to have a camera which will just let you point and shoot and the photos come out right?

John said...[Reply]

You're so right, Josje! Photography is a SNAP, with my new Nikon! :)

Iris March said...[Reply]

Hi John,
I find eBay a dangerous place even without having anything to drink first!
I think those chairs are looking good already. I absolutely love, love the console table! …and all the new things!
Pretty Pleater” is a funny name …hmmm.… I won’t go there!Fortunately, it seems to make nice pleats. I guess Ray has inspired all of us to try to make drapes—something I have a love-hate relationship with doing.

I am glad I am not the only one having trouble with this latest “robot” protection in the comments area. I am getting positively terrified with I have to try to enter those weird words.

rosanna said...[Reply]

Hi Simon, your house definiytely isn't a box of any sort , isn't it? it is brimmed filled with the most gorgeous goodies. I am a tad envious ( in a good sense though).
I have great difficulties in finding suitable fabric and I cannot find anything on Ebay... must be the only one.
May be it's better for my wallet ;o)
I'll stay tuned for news, Rosanna

PS chairs are neve too much :o))
I bought 8 Ghost chairs for my house and I have hardly place for 4 but they were so darn cute.

Jeri Elsner said...[Reply]

Glad to see you have a replacement camera! A lesson I also learned the hard way - bring a disposable camera to the beach! The vintage chairs look great...they'll be fantastic when finished. AND I love the round marble-top table. Looks like it could go in your REAL house :)

John said...[Reply]

Hi, Rosanna --John here, not Simon, but whatevs-- I'll answer to anything! LOVE your 'ghost chairs,' We had a full-scale one at my job and there was such a fight for it when it came time to pull it from the display. (My boss ended up with it). Oh, well!

Thanks, Iris! I'm loving Sunnybrook Farm --it's stunning! Hopefully I'll be able to post finished photos of my Drawing Room and I hope it doesn't suffer the comparison. xx

John said...[Reply]

Jeri --NOW you tell me?

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Yeah!! a new post and a new camera!
(oh, get a life, Gee)
Love the chinoiserie stands, the console table and the griffin andirons.
reading about the chairs made me smile, i bought 8 or 10 of the same chairs at different times, convinced that they were different but they were not... so chairs are no worry anymore.
you all seem to like the pretty pleater but i dont so much.
think curtains look unused and a bit showroom-like.
but hey, thats just my 2 cents :)
anyways, glad to see your new mini's!

Andy said...[Reply]

John!! what great news! a new camera, and you've used it too! I got a cheap one for Christmas so I didn't have to keep borrowing David's, but I still haven't actually used it yet!!

What a great collection of stuff! I like the lyre back chairs, They are perfect for your period, and will look great in the hall! love those Chinese style stands too!

The sneak preview of the dining room looks exciting! Great wallpaper, quite unusual. and the silk and fireplace look good too!

what a lot to see, I'll need to take another look!!

I want to get hold of a Pretty Pleater too, so might fight Simon for one on ebay ( if I keep off the ale! ;D). I've heard of Ru Paul, she was certainly on TV here a while back, there was a fashion for drag queens on TV in the 1990s, we had Lily Savage (the Blond Bombsite)too, who used to make me laugh! but not seen Ru Paul for ages! I once wondered what my Drag name would be, I know its supposed to be a pet plus mother's maiden name but Sooty Connor doesn't sound good, so I thought of Myrtle Stripper, which sounds a bit like Meryl Streep, and I didn't like that, so settled for Chlamydia Du Vet. Funny how you get through quiet days at work!

(if I was someone who ever had kids (I'm not!) they would definately be called Chlamydia and Herpes!!)

anyway! just thought I'd share that with you!

And Simon! thank gods! I thought it was just me that was having trouble reading these new words when posting comments, I'm not a robot, but I'm not three sheets to the wind either!! Ok maybe I've had one little glass of red! ;)

Ray W said...[Reply]

Hi John!
How about "Venetia Blind" ? She appeared on the same episiode as "Pretty Pleater" :-)
Very Glad to see you back here in Mini-blogland.......your sense of humor and style have been greatly missed, so never leave town again without three weeks of posts for us to get through. The withdrawal is just too much...........
You got some great stuff from e-bay and from Glenn. That wallpaper and fabric will make a stunning room and I am glad to see you staying in the same sort of "color family" with this next space. It will seamlessly blend the house together.
Looking forward to your "Dining Room".
With only good thoughts and wishes,

Iris March said...[Reply]

I am very glad that you are enjoying my blog and Sunnybrook Farm. Your Drawing Room will be awesome! Remember, I'm the gal who had her fire fender upside down!


rosanna said...[Reply]

Ops, sorry John... very silly of me. But I know who you are and what you are building, be sure of that.

John said...[Reply]

No worries, Rosanna --I know!

Did you get the fender from HBS, Iris? It's up-side-down in their catalog, too, so who knows?

Hi, Ray! (Or should I say 'Venetia)?' LOL! I'm rather partial to 'Amanda Reckonwith,'myself, but 'Iona Trailer' is probably more true to my roots --(platinum, of course)! Thanks for all the kind words. :) I'm trying to make all the rooms 'flow' together by color since they will all eventually be seen at the same time.

Andy, Andy, Andy! OMG, you crack me up! Thanks for your reply, it made my day --but did you just say you wanted to share chlamydia and herpes with me??? Gosh, thanks.

In the States it's your first pet's name plus the street you were born on, which makes me 'Kitty Logan!' But I would PREFER 'Eileen Dover.'

John said...[Reply]

Hi, Gee! I just like the NAME 'Pretty Pleater!' I don't know why. I always wanted the person's job who gets to name stuff, you know, like colors --maybe that's it?

Irene said...[Reply]

It's good to see you back, John and good luck with the new camera - glad to have been of help.

You've got lots of lovely nice new things to play with in that selection. I'm getting more into the kit furniture myself - very satisfying and your fabric/paper selection for the next room looks great together.

The Pretty Pleater is a doddle to use!

John said...[Reply]

Hi Irene! You were so sweet to give me that email tutorial on the camera --thank you so much! How are your projects coming?

Andy said...[Reply]

LOLOL!! Yes, it does sound like that's what I meant! Well any gift is given with love they say!! ;D

I love Iona Trailer, that make me chuckle! Thinking about it (really? in bed last night!!) Chlamydia D'Amour sounds better than Du Vet, so maybe thats the one to go with!

I think Eileen Dover suits you very well!! ;)

Troy said...[Reply]

Hey, Congrats on the new camera. I need a new one too! I like that dining room wallpaper and fireplace. You have some great pieces there. Looking forward to your new and improved photos! (Maybe you will be the next Ansel Adams - sorry, poor attempt at humor)

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Troy! I seriously doubt I'll be taking the photography world by storm anytime soon!

Snowy said...[Reply]

Darling! you have such style! almost as good as mine, would you like to be my new Interior Decorator? I had to sack my last one, he suggested we copy something from a magazine!! I mean if you can't have an original idea, what's the point!!?

Anyway, love the house project, keep it up,!

Snowy xx

Josje said...[Reply]

Hi John! I often find the brass miniatures too shiny as well, but the shapes can be really good. You asked me how I painted my sconces. I used diluted Humbrol paint on the sconces (those tiny tins of paint often used on model railroads as well), and then gilded the raised areas with gold leaf. You have to clean the sconces first so the paint will stick better. Experiment with the paint on some metal first before you use it on your pretty miniatures!
Have fun!

John said...[Reply]

Josje, thank you for the tips! Your canal house(s) are so lovely!


Dear Mr. Snowy,

As it happens, I have the distinct pleasure of counting many-a discerning bear among my satisfied clients, and would only be too delighted to add your den to my portfolio. (Please refer to my latest work: 'On Top of Old Smokey: Rustic Pied-à-Terre in the Ozarks' in the current issue of International Bear magazine).

John xx

Snowy said...[Reply]

Dear John, How nice to find a kindred spirit, I too am a fan of bears, and am sure your heavy use of plaid fabrics is part of your tribute to bear kind! you can't beat a bit of fur!

I love the rustic wood too!

I guess I'll find you on top of Old Smokey when I need you!

love Snowy XX

dottyeb said...[Reply]

Hi John, Great photos. Insane comment thread. Drag queens names have always fascinated me. I used to design and sew for drag queens and taught a 'sewing class' for queens here in town. One of my favorite 'students' name was Ginger Snap. Tiffany Ann Coe was another interesting one. Among the new queens on the latest Ru Paul show, Sharon Needles has to be one of the most interesting. Keep up the wonderful work in miniature. And now I will attempt to prove I am not a robot.....


John said...[Reply]

Dottye, you're camp!

Back when I was a florist I once did an arrangement for Stevie Nicks, who was staying in town under the assumed name 'Ann Chovey!' Hysterical!

Giac said...[Reply]

Hi John,
Yay! john's back. I missed your posts! You have such beautiful pieces...I can't wait to see it all in place! Congrats on the new camera!
John, there is no such thing as too much miniature furniture...NO SUCH THING!
Keep up the great work(the chairs are looking lovely).
Have a wonderfull weekend and enjoy the new camera...
N.B. Did you get the Pretty Pleater Yet?

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Giac! No 'Pretty Pleater,' (tee hee!) as of yet, but the moldings arrived yesterday for the Dinning Room...

John said...[Reply]

Hi everyone,

Well, I ordered my Pretty Pleater from Cynthia Howe Miniatures, but they are mysteriously OUT OF STOCK! This is hat Cynthia Howe had to say:

My apologies for the delay. I am out of stock on the large pleater and expect delivery of an order at the end of the week. I usually sell only a few of the large, in comparision to the small and medium, and for some reason in the last two weeks, everyone has wanted the large one! Must be a special project going on out there somewhere.
Anyway, I will send your pleater immediately upon receipt of my order. If you are in a rush and need to order elsewhere, I do understand. Just let me know and I’ll send an immediate refund.
Warmest regards,

Cynthia goes on to say that the next time I mention something she carries in her store on my blog, to give her a heads-up and she'll work us out a discount! Yay!

Karin Corbin said...[Reply]

Inspiration resource for you...