Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chairs! Chairs! Chairs!

So I finished reupholstering my Thomas Jefferson chairs in the Susan Bembridge fabric and I have to say I am rather pleased with the results.  Normally, I am not a 'matchy-matchy' kind of guy, but somehow in this setting it WORKS, as they're always saying on those HGTV shows.

 It was a little touch-and-go with the upholstery job, mes chers, as the pattern on the fabric had to be centered on the furniture backs and seats --so there was a lot of waste.  Would there be enough fabric  to complete the job??? 

The venerable Susan Bembridge herself thought that one piece would do the job, and she was right!  She even steered me toward the cotton sateen instead of the silk, which I originally favored.  She told me that non-other than John Hodgson preferred the cotton --and who am I to argue with  the likes of that?  I'm actually glad I heeded her sage advice because it was tough enough to line up the pattern without the added misery of slippery silk!

I'm thinking about adding some piping to the edges of my chairs, à la manière de Catherine of Kilmouski & Me, a blog I have come to adore.

But for now...I'm calling the room 'complete!'

 Here's another House of Miniatures chair I built for the piano.  It's actually one of the same chairs from the Entrance Hall, but in a walnut finish and gilded detail on the lyre back. 

I decided to do the seat cushion in the red silk to go with the balloon shades at the windows. 

I also, one morning tossed the sheet music into my cup of coffee because it just seemed too white, lol!

I am still looking for an appropriate image to go under the spinet lid...send me one if you think it would fit the odd shape!

There are a few other details I would like to change... but isn't that the way of dollhouses?

I have another chandelier for the room in mind, but it might have to go on my Christmas list.  I also have my eye on a harp.

Did you notice my new, seven-tier candelabras on the tables along the back wall?  They are from Patre's Dollhouse Miniatures, and I just LOVE them!  Of course, what's not to love about gold and sparkles, right?The three-tiered candles in the middle ground are hers, as well.

Then there is the 'little person's chair' in the was actually a mistake-purchase but I almost NEVER return things to stores because --well,--I don't know why...  I was not planning on having any references to children in my house because I sort of have this love/hate relationship with children...and by that I mean I love to hate them, lol!  I was telling Fiona the other day that I believed all children should be shipped out to Military School until they're eighteen and are able to talk intelligently about Art --but that's just silly ol' me talking, so attention must not be paid!

But I decided to include the little chair, after all, and am looking for a 1/24 scale violin to set on it...for a little, budding Mozart, perhaps?  Gods! Am I getting soft in my old --in my-- in my-- as I approach middle-age? 


Daydreamer said...[Reply]

Divine! Divine! DIVINE!!! John, I completely agree... not everywhere should be matchy-matchy.... but the chairs are PERFECT in this room!!! Probably because they are not the largest objects.... and they are low in relation to the walls... so they bring the wall pattern down below the wainscoting in a ...(dare I say it?) ... Lyrical way!!! I LOVE this room! The art... the gilded frames... the candelabras... the Balloon shades... It is all so Gorgeous together!!! And the chair for the smaller types of people is a charming touch regardless of your personal feelings about children... I think it adds a wonderful "note" of surprise to this composition!!! This room is just Incredible!!!

Carrie Lavender said...[Reply]

This room is beautiful. I don't adhere to all things matchy either but here it looks perfect. Your room is magical!!!

miraclechicken said...[Reply]

This room is stunning! Everything looks perfect. Love the little
chair :)
ps I'm totally compulsive about matching!

Elga said...[Reply]

The chairs look wonderful, John, some time I will treat myself to some of Susan's beautiful paper and fabrics. And I love all your bling.

Kleine Vingers said...[Reply]

It looks great together.
Miniature greetings

Pedrete said...[Reply]

It is a wonderful room, John! You really got a most enchanting place, almost the background music can be heard. My most sincere congratulations, dear friend!

A huge, huge, huge hug!

Es una sala maravillosa, John!! Realmente has conseguido un lugar de lo más encantador, casi se puede oír la música de fondo. Mi más sincera enhorabuena, querido amigo!!

¡Un abrazo enorme, enorme, enorme!

Anna said...[Reply]

So, so gorgeous. It really does look like the music room in a stately home.

rosanna said...[Reply]

John, it's incredible! it's so full of details that I could spend hours "playing" with it.
The colours are gorgeous and they come along so well together.
Upholstering is a nightmare! I tried once and I never had the courage to start again. Yet you and Catherine are so damned good at it that you spur me into trying again. If it dooesn't work I can always throw a little chair away, cannot I ?
And speaking of little chair: the tiny one is adorable and add a whimsical, unlooked for, touch.No need to have children, it might have belonged to the Master of the house when he was a kid :o)
Thank you for saring, Rosanna

rosanna said...[Reply]

PS, your chairs need piping, I have learnt that it is the one detail you cannot miss. Have fun rolling threads ;o))

Simon said...[Reply]

Hi John
What a wonderful room this has become. The chairs look perfect now and I love the fact they are slightly differnt styles but all in the same fabric - so "country house".
I still love looking at all the pictures, hasn't the paper toned down now you have filled the room. A harp would be a lovely touch, as would the 1:24 violin.
Congrats on a fantastic achievement my friend.
Simon x

Ilona said...[Reply]

Hi John! This room is awesome, great work!! The colors you've used are matching, yes, but they're also balanced and then it is okay for my opinion ;)! About the little chair: perhaps an animal (dog or cat)??
Greetings, Ilona

Philip said...[Reply]

My Grandmother always said " you can never have too many chairs", and I have come to believe the same. The room is magnificent, and each small touch has given it that true feeling of being lived
in. As far as the "child's" chair goes- I have many through-out my "real" house- reserved for well behaved visiting children- or to hold my dogs toy
baskets. Since your house is set in the late 17th to 18th Century you have more of a chance of having a well behaved child visit then now-alas!

Catherine said...[Reply]

This is such a gorgeous room. I love everything about it. You did a beautiful job upholstering your chairs. The the fabric is beautiful.

Irene said...[Reply]

10/10 on your work with the chairs - it's a scary thing cutting a Susan Bembridge fabric, isn't it?

The room is beautiful and I love the fact that you have the height in the room to display so many pictures.

elvira said...[Reply]

Wow!!! Magnifiche sedie ...!! Mi piace tanto il colore azzurro ..!!! Complimenti!!

jeffry said...[Reply]

Hi John,
It looks wonderfull, the matching fabric on the chairs. Love the room you've done a great job!
And I really like that tiny chair it's cute.

Evelyne Martin said...[Reply]

Wow!!! I didn't think that a different fabric would make much of a difference with the chairs, but... oh, I was SO wrong!!!

This is wonderful, impeccable!!!!

And the tiny chair is quite charming there, exactly because it's so unexpected. Bravo!

Josje said...[Reply]

What a good choice to use that fabric, the chairs look fantastic and make the whole room sparkle (of course those crystals on the chandelier and candelabra's also help). It is surprising how much impact such a small change has!

I can understand your view on children, but there are always exceptions. Like my child for example. He is just the most good looking boy with impeccable manners, and he loves to accompany his parents to art galleries and museums and quietly discuss his views later at dinner.

Oh no! My alarm just went off and woke me from a beautiful dream...It is Monday and real life starts again...

Fi.P said...[Reply]

Every time I check in here you seem to have added yet another string to your bow. The chairs look beautiful in that fabric and that little chair is oh,so cute! And as for wanting to send all children off to military School till they are all grown up? You are such an old grump with children that you were sweet enough to send Mia a link as inspiration for her shop? I think this old dogs bark is worst than his bite.......; )

Oh, and your words sound completely different in my head now!!!hehe

Ml Fi xx

Giac said...[Reply]

Hello John,
Wow! the room is beautiful...all your rooms are beautiful. The upholstery is fantastic and so well done. I am so amazed that this is your first miniature project...and stillthink that's a lie because aint no one that good the first time around ;).
If you ever have doubts about your miniature abilities I swear I'll have to slap you harder then Rupaul!
Keep it up John, your work is WONDERFUL and I know you have inspired many of us out in the blogosphere.
Big hug,

Troy said...[Reply]

John, the room looks awesome and I personally like the "little person's" chair. It adds even more character to an already great space. The lights are great too. Keep up the good work! - Troy

Gee said...[Reply]

Dear John,
How on earth are you going to top this room? is the first thing I thought.
Not that I doubt your skills but this room is extremely WOW!
The upholstery of the chairs is just gorgeous, the candelabra's beautiful and the little peoples chair makes this whole scene in a way so beautifully fragile...
Lock me up in there and throw away the key...
Congratulations on this outstanding piece of art, my friend, chapeau!

Wanda said...[Reply]

Love, love, love it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work!

Andy said...[Reply]

Hey John!

This room is absolutely fabulous (ah my one time favourite show!) truly stunning!! not just a music room but picture gallery too, and what a great selection of artworks. I don't think the spinet needs any painting myself, but it might well look good, there are some good examples on the internet!

The chairs look very smart, I don't think you notice that they match the walls straight away, but it give a nice harmony to the room and then you think, oh yes, those chairs match the wall! Well I did anyway! lol

I noticed the little chair, I wondered how it had got there!! I share your love of children, or Chilll-dren, as the Child Catcher in Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang would say.. Lolly pops, Ice cream, all free today!! actually that is quite creepy when you think about it!

Please slow down on the next room or we will have only one room left to see develop!!!

Andy xxxx