Saturday, October 27, 2012

Library Shelves

Finally, my Library components arrived in the mail today and I am able to get busy!  Here are my door surrounds which I am using to frame my built-in shelving. I even got a few books today, too! All I have left to do is glue everything down and fill the gaps with gesso and then touch up the paint.

Here's how the shelving started out:

Shelves are probably one of the easiest things to build, furniture-wise.  You just decide what size you want them to be --in my case, the size of the door surround, and build the little box. 

As an afterthought, I decided to do a mahogany finish on my shelves.  It would have been so much easier if I had finished the wood before assembly!  Oops!  At least I did not glue the back on, yet!

Here it is with the back and the decorative frame.  That's the same skirting molding on the bottom which matches the same on the wainscot.

Here's the doorway, I'm giving the door the same mahogany treatment as the shelves...

And finally, here is the fireplace wall with my Braxton Payne 'Adam' mantlepiece.  Yesterday all my 'glowing embers' --also custom-made for my narrow hearths by Braxton-- arrived in the post, so I'll be busy retro-wiring those into all the other finished rooms!

Pretty soon I will be able to install the Library walls!  Got to break out the Pretty Pleater first and whip up some curtains...

That's about it for now...just wanted to thank everyone for their comments on my Halloween Top-Ten Scariest Dolls list...sorry if some of them have given you nightmares!  But that reminds me:

SCARE-IFIC DOLL #5:  Ideal's Tuesday Taylor!

AND her big sister, Tiffany Taylor...  I only have them on the list because when I was about twelve or  thirteen years old I tried to switch up Tuesday Taylor's hair from blond to brunette or, more likely --the other way around-- and her entire, bi-colored scalp twirled off in my hand!  And it wasn't even my own sister's Tuesday was my best friend's sister's Tuesday Taylor!  ...If it had been one of my sister's Tuesday Taylors, I would have just LOL'd, but I was at my friend's house, it was his sister's Tuesday Taylor and I was completely horrified!  ("Dude...why you playing with my sister's doll?")  I tried oh god how I tried to snap the scalp back onto the infernal Tuesday Taylor noggin but it simply would not go on!  So I shoved the entire, tired mess under the sofa cushion, lock, stock and miniature Cruella DeVille scalp. Poor Tuesday 'is today' Taylor...she looks decidedly un-groovy --and dare I say scare-ific-- without the top of her head. :)


Catherine said...[Reply]

I just love that wallpaper John. What a great design and color. This room is going to be gorgeous!!! The fire place is perfect.

Elga said...[Reply]

Ah, just when I thought I could relax and enjoy your beautiful library, you had to throw in another horrible doll story, hmmm, looks like you are haunted by your childhood doll episodes, you do seem to have a lot of them ;-)

My worst memory was the day I got home from school and discovered my poor teddy bear being hanged in a tree after a chest operation (I guess the hart transplant didn't work, so execution seemed a good alternative), I nearly killed my three younger brothers.

Back to the serious stuff, I just love your library so far and that wallpaper is really beautiful. The mahogany looks good with all the white surrounds.

Neen said...[Reply]

Your library looks incredible! How did you get a mahogany finish on white shelves? Thanks, Neen

John said...[Reply]

Guess I should have explained, Neen, it's a faux bois finish (paint) --a base coat and a few glazes in top to mimic wood grain :)

Elga --your poor teddy!

miraclechicken said...[Reply]

Your library is coming out great! Love the door and wallpaper, really beautiful :)

Oh I would have loved to have been there when you scalped your friend's sister's doll! You must have been mortified!!! What a hoot---

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...[Reply]

The library shelves are outstanding! I love beautiful rooms.
Tuesday really isn't that scary LOL, wish my hair did that :)


About Me... said...[Reply]

Just wonderful, did you make the door frames and Bookshelve surrounds? I have been trying to come up with ideas for my Beacon Hill. Any suggestions?


Giac said...[Reply]

Hello John,
you know too much about scary dolls. Why does Tuesday Taylor look so menacing!
I love the look of your library. The bookshelves in the door frames look wonderfula nd incredibly elegant. The wallpaper is just perfect and I love the color.
More wonderful work john, you never dissapoint.
Have a great weekend,Big hug

Simon said...[Reply]

Hey John
The Library is wonderful! A truly great room with so much to catch the eye, and its not even complete yet!
I envy your confidence with cyrtains, i haven't gotten over that stumbling block yet.
Im really looking forward to your next update, have a great weekend and enjoy yourself now you have more components to build with...

rosanna said...[Reply]

Wonderful libary, I love the bookshelves, the room will be awesome cause it already looks so even if it is in pieces.
I shall not add anything about the scary dolls, I'd like to keep my fond memories of mine ;o)
Wish you a lovely Sunday, Rosanna

Irene said...[Reply]

It's looking good John. Lovely choice of wallpaper.

Good luck with the Pretty Pleater!

cunha said...[Reply]

Hello John, great work its amazing a lot details congratulations.

Josje said...[Reply]

Love it! Love the wallpaper, the door surrounds and shelves. It is another gorgeous room!

Josje said...[Reply]

Oops! Just lost my comment.
Well I just wanted to say that I love the whole room, the wallpaper, the door surrounds, the shelves...
It will be another gorgeous room!

Sionchi said...[Reply]

Las librerías te han quedado perfectas. El papel me ha encantado. Tu trabajo es perfecto y con un gusto exquisito. Besos

Andy said...[Reply]


A comment in two parts (each sold separately, assembly required).

I think the library looks very handsome indeed. Those door frames around the bookcases are an inspired idea, and I may well pinch that for future projects! The wall paper is great too. and I like the fireplace and busts! It's going to be another stunning room!

What happened to Tiffany Taylor? Did she squeal on the plastic Mafia and have to join a witness protection programme? Oh well, Tuesday seems to have a lot more fun in her Deluxe Penthouse Apartment.

But seriously, if I had just got a buff bit o' plastic back to my place, I don't think the first question I'd be asking is, 'Do you like my Deluxe Penthouse Apartment Derek?' and what sort of a name is Derek? Ben, now that's a good name! the Ben Cohen Doll, that really is a gap in the market, I would certainly be laying on 'play refreshments' for him!!!! hmmmmmmm, 'Ben Cohen, from Ideal Man. Oh dear I have wondered off subject a little!

Tuesday does have rather a dead expression, maybe it's all that peroxide hair colour she has to use, and who would have thought that by simply removing a belt her practical tennis outfit could become a 'beautiful dress'? You see, that's why accessories are SO important!!

Fi.P said...[Reply]

The library looks lovely John, yet again another brilliant idea using the door surounds with mahogany interiors. it looks stunning with the floors and the fire place works so well with the black surround and the detail in the wallpaper.

As for Tuesday Taylor, why wouldn't you flip your wig to work with whatever you were wearing? I enjoyed watching the clip, it made me wish I had one when I was young, she's so cool with her apartment complete with patio..

I loved this post john, the last one scared the b'jesus out of me!


Janice said...[Reply]

Beautiful work. I like the way you say shelves are the easiest to build! It is a good job all mine are in witchy projects where wonkiness and slight slanting are not too much of a problem!

Ilona said...[Reply]

I like this room so far, great work, John! I was very relaxed whilst reading your post, but then the horror of Halloween came back with the video ;)!! I have to make up my mind and find something for Halloween, something scary or creepy, but I can not find anything so far! Ilona

Gee said...[Reply]

I would have probably put the leeches-doll on nr. 1...yep, definitely the leeches-doll.
Lovely library you have there so far, John! It all goes together so well and those bookcases are gorgeous!

Wanda said...[Reply]

Another wonderful room, love the colour scheme!

John said...[Reply]

ROTFL, Andy!!!!

Thanks for the terriff comments, everyone!

Debora said...[Reply]


Steinworks said...[Reply]

your library is wonderful and I'm going to have to go the other way with my dollar store furniture, apparently I have to gesso the heck out of this stuff before I paint it.

I was too into Barbie dolls..I remember seeing Tuesday but I wanted Barbie and Madge and Ken and Skipper.and the Cars and The Townhouse and the Pets (and people wonder why we grew up to be material girls)

Erik Goddard said...[Reply]

The colors are great. I'm in the planning stages of something a little érotique and have found some great dark frilly reds. Love watching the progress of this piece!