Sunday, January 13, 2013

Library Progress

Work on the Library came pretty much to a complete stand-still while I was ill, but here I am again, faithful Readers, back from the dead,  fifteen pounds lighter and raring to go!  I even felt inspired enough this weekend to reupholster some chairs I received from Santa, as well as re-doing my aforementioned recamier.

The set of chairs are part of the Thomas Jefferson Monticello Collection and were originally covered in red "silk" (polyester).  Fortunately, when I purchased my wallpaper from Chinoiseries Miniatures a while back I also snapped up the matching fabric in 'real' silk.  Of course, I want to pipe the edges a la 'Krazy Kords' Catherine, but I haven't gotten around to that, yet!

The recamier I decided to re-do in a gold/red stripe from Renaissance Fabrics. (I think the fabric cost more than the sofa but it was well-worth it).

The curtains are made of the same stripe-y fabric.  So once again out came the fabulous Pretty Pleater!  I know that some of you have in the past  poo-pooed the Pretty Pleater, but I personally LOVE it!  Not only does the name itself make me titter like a little school-girl, but I find it so easy to work with.  And if you remove your curtains from the handy-dandy, Pretty Pleater apparatus while they are still a little damp and block your fabric on foam board, the results are a lot less 'tortured'-looking. 

Once complete, the curtains will hang from brass rings on a matching rod...but I seem to have misplaced the tiny hoops...oops! Back to the bead store!   I will then be able to finally glue all my wall panels in permanently. It seems that I cut my poor, neglected crown moldings ages ago and at long last I will be able to dust them off and officially install them!

I copied the design of the curtain pelmets from a photo I found on the internet...don't you love the fringe?  I made it from a gold ribbon --thanks to the advice of fellow blogger Jeffry-- just sliced a ribbon lengthwise in two and pulled out enough threads to form the fringe.  How easy is that?  (Thanks, Jeffry)!  I am trying to train the fringe to hang downward by combing them with a little starch on my fingertips.

Santa brought me the delightful desk and chair, as well as the grandfather clock and the library steps. I also am receiving a beautiful globe from Master's Miniatures (thanks, Greg)! which is still en route from England.  I have a pretty mirror on order that will eventually hang over the desk.  Really, all I need to fill out the room are some desk accoutrements and a few other odds and ends...

My favorite Christmas gift of all was a new harp for the Music Room!  Ain't she purdy? I can't believe all the little strings it has! I think I might pick out some of the harp's carving in gold, what do you think? 

I take that absolute favorite Christmas gift of all was not going blind in one eye!  That little episode was kind of --scary-- I guess you'd call it...but I want to thank all of you who wrote or phoned with your best wishes.  It was very kind of you to go out of your way, (especially this busy time of year), to check up on li'l ol' me.  Now that I'm getting my mojo back, I look forward to catching up with all of you and all of your blogs...

Best Wishes for a healthy, prosperous and fierce 2013!



latchkey and jonquil said...[Reply]

Welcome back John, I'm very glad you didn't go blind! Very scary!

And your choice of fabrics is divine, I lOVE the bright orange-reds, they are really vibrant, very inspiring. The curtains look fab - I think you have cracked how to use the pretty pleater,they don't look stiff and artificial, AND the ends hang level on the floor, instead of curving upwards (which I always think is a dead give away)...

Nice Christmas presents too, lucky you!


Fi.P said...[Reply]

Hello My Lovely!!

SOOO glad your back!! Thank goodness you are recovered! It has been very quiet without you, you have been terribly missed!

I love all your Christmas gifts, they are absolutely beautiful, and as usual you have done wonders with your Library, I just love the Cherry coloured silk on the chairs, it's absolutely beautiful and your drapes look superb.....

ML and big hugs, Fi xx

Simon said...[Reply]


Hey Buddy, I'm SO pleased you're back up and running (almost).
It all sounds too horrible to bear but I'm so happy to see you're getting back to "normal"!
I love the Library SO much - I think it's the wallpaper I like the best. Those curtains will really set it off to a T !
Good job on the chairs, by the way - I am going to try re-upholstering at some point - after a few sherries!!
Good health my dear...

Catherine said...[Reply]

Welcome back John!!! I have missed seeing your posts and I missed your humor. I hope you are all better now. What a long miserable saga.

The library is gorgeous! Those colors are so pretty. You did a fantastic job recovering the chairs. They look fabulous.

I see Santa was very good to you. I LOVE your desk and chair. The harp is the perfect addition to your music room. The curtians are going to be great.

Daydreamer said...[Reply]

Hey John!!! So Good to see you back up and Raring to go! I have missed your witty contributions and have hoped you were recovering well! I now discover that you have been (ahem) Re-covering Divinely!!! :) Your red silk chairs are Gorgeous... but I am Swooning at the whole room.... may need to rest a minute on the Beautifully Understated Recamier!!! The Desk is Perfection for this room and the Fringe on your pretty-pleated drapes is Inspired!!! But your Christmas Harp...!!! That just Makes the Music Room "Sing" if you will pardon my bad puns... I am just Overwhelmed by these Masterpieces! I am truly glad that your eye recovered so well!!! Welcome back!!!

cunha said...[Reply]

it's wonderful as usual,it's a very detail house, i love it.

Karin Corbin said...[Reply]

I am truly happy to see you survived that horrifying episode.

But of course should have realized that no good could have come from creating postings at Halloween about things such as maniacal Voodoo dolls! These matters have a way of turning on the person who mocks them!

Now be a good lad and stick to talking about pretty things like silk draperies...

miraclechicken said...[Reply]

I was worried about you John, so glad that horrid episode is behind you
now :)
That is one beautiful desk/chair set.
Everything is coming out so beautiful.
I've missed you---

Elga said...[Reply]

O, it is great to hear you are better and I am really happy to hear your eye didn't go blind. You were sorely missed!

You certainly didn't waste any time getting back into miniatures, your room looks just gorgeous, love the chairs, sofa, curtains and the Christmas presents too, I think you deserved to be a bit spoiled after your illness.

Happy 2013, may it be a wonderful year for you!

Anna said...[Reply]

John, I am glad you're feeling better. Welcome back!

The library is coming along so beautifully - I want to shrink to 5" high and curl up on that fabulously striped recamier with a stack of tiny books.

The Old Maid said...[Reply]

Good Santa! Mine was kind of broke when it comes to miniatures,lol!
Great settings and beautiful furniture!

Philip said...[Reply]

Dear John,
So glad you are on the mend, and doing well.
The Library is so inviting- I love the colors and patterns you have put together. I can imagine
reclining on the Recamier with a good book for
an afternoon!
All the best for the New Year,

Giac said...[Reply]

Hello John,
YAY! you are back! We missed you!
I am so glad you are doing well and feeling better. What fantastic Christmas gifts and what wonderful work you did. The library is just amazingly beautiful and rich! I love your sense of style...Go-geous!
big, big hug,

Irene said...[Reply]

Welcome back and Happy New Year. I'm glad to hear you're over the problem with you eye - that must have been quite scary.

I just love the paper you've chosen for your Library. I'm not normally a fan of red but this look is just right for the room.

Steinworks said...[Reply]

welcome back and thanks for the tips on the curtains! I love the harp too


Josje said...[Reply]

Hi John, welcome back, I missed seeing and reading your colourful posts. I'm so glad your eye is better! That must have been pretty scary.
Santa has been good to you, such wonderful miniatures! The wallpaper and fabric is gorgeous, I love the vibrancy of colour. And the curtains, well what can I say...fantastic!

Troy said...[Reply]

Hi John,

You got some great items for Christmas! Your chairs look great with the new fabric. I will have to still your fringe tip someday when I get far enough along on a project to actually do window coverings lol. Glad you are feeling better. Keep up the good work! Troy

Ray W said...[Reply]

Hello John!
The good news here is that your eye is one the mend! Glad to hear that you are doing better.
I love your Library and and your choice of fabrics for the furniture and drapery. Your "valances" are great! I look forward to seeing them installed.
A hug and welcome back from your friend Ray

Flora said...[Reply]

I am sorry to learn that you had health problems of some kind, but apparently, it is a common thing lately (unfortunately I speak from experience, since I am suffering from a "deadly" virus - since before Christmas - that is making the miniature job really hard!).
However, I note with pleasure that the inspiration will not miss it, and besides, Santa was very generous :-)
All new features are fantastic.
So, happy new year to you too :-)

Andy said...[Reply]


I am pleased to see you have recovered from that nasty eye infection. The Palais de Merriman looks enchanting, even with you working solo eyed! How did you manage it!? Library chairs are stunning, the curtains divine!!! I might just ask for the pattern of those pelmets as they are fantastic!

So good to have you back in action! and great to see more of your library!

Did you try that mincemeat tart?

Andy xxxx

The Dangerous Mezzo said...[Reply]

I am very glad to hear your eye is better. That's truly the best gift of all. The wallpaper/fabric you've chosen is DIVINE. Simply stunning. I love how layered and luxurious the rooms are looking :)

MiniLover said...[Reply]

Glad you are back in the saddle! And thanks for showing your recamier. I was pretty sure I had one stashed somewhere and your post inspired me to go looking for it. Unfortunately it is covered in a hideous fabric but fortunately, that can be rectified.

Rooms are looking wonderful! I'm looking foward to finishing our little project.

Ilona said...[Reply]

So glad you're back, John.
Santa gave you the most fantastic gift: your recovery! The other gifts are great, love every bit of it. Your choice of fabric is wonderful, love the color. I finally found out what a recamier was, Elga told me ;)! The desk/chairset is divine.
Your Pretty Pleater :D worked well, I always remove the curtains when they are still a little damp, I thought everyone did ;)! Thanks for the tip for the fringes, love it.
Hugs, Ilona

Evelyne Martin said...[Reply]

Good to see you back! :)