Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bedroom --the beginning

Hello there, remember me?  So sorry to have neglected you, darlings, but we have been dealing with some 'real life' issues around here...thus, the long absence.  I'm trying ever so hard to get caught up on all your blogs so please bear with me!  And I'd like to welcome my new followers and send a big thank you to Tina from Just A Small Thing, who wrote the absolutely sweetest things about me recently on her weekly blog focus.  Really, I'm still blushing --and pink is definitely not my color! Check out her blog for yourself.

I fear I have done hardly a thing on my latest --and last--  room. Yes, you read that right: I am on the very last room of Merriman Park!  This will be the Master Bedroom. 

It's been a long haul.  And coming to my last (but not least) room stirs up some mixed feelings.  Of course I am completely thrilled to finally draw this project to a conclusion...after all, it's been three years in the making.  Oh, how I must cover my lips with my hand and suppress a wry titter, as I recall believing way back then (when Merriman Park was but only a rough sketch on the back of a paper napkin) that I would have the entire house finished by the end of that first winter!

The sketch that started it all...
Well, we all know how that naive notion turned out!  ...But while I am happy to finally be galloping toward the finish line, I have to admit the idea of completing Merriman Park makes me just a little --sad.   

Ugh, lets not go down that road, shall we? 

I have ordered many of the new components for the bedroom and they are now finally starting to trickle in.  Today the fireplace mantle showed up from Braxton Payne Miniatures.  It's pictured leaning against the wall in the first photo (above). I chose a simple design that seemed appropriate to a bedroom and I like it much more than I had anticipated.  The detail is very fine.

The wallpaper came a few days ago after being on back-order for a whole month!  I was afraid I might have to chose another pattern but I'm glad it finally showed up.  I lovz me some toile de jouy!  

I thought that, since this is my last room and since people seem to enjoy seeing how I put things together as much as seeing the 'finished product,' I would show my working process from start to finish.  So her is the blank room, just waiting for a few more bits and pieces to arrive and then we can get started...

Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope you all have a great week!



Sab said...[Reply]

That promisses much good!!! Can't wait to see more;)

Karin Corbin said...[Reply]

Please lose the yellow type face. I can't written when I view it in my reader service. Email subscribers won't be able to read it either.

Don't get me wrong, I adore the drama of a black background for showing off photos but we bloggers do have to consider what happens when our blog is presented to followers who don't come directly to our blogger sites to view what we write.

Lucille said...[Reply]

I'm so excited to see you in action!

Em said...[Reply]

Looking wonderful already - even your blank canvass with 'sunlight' streaming through the windows makes me want to live there. Poised ready to watch it develop.

miraclechicken said...[Reply]

What a cool idea to have the toolbox and saw horses, very inspiring :) Ready to get to work! Love it---

Simon said...[Reply]

Darling John!
I can't tell you how great it is to see you getting back in the mini saddle. You have been terribly missed and seeing your comments pop up and around makes me feel like the old gang are getting back on their collective feet.
I love your choice of wallpaper - hang on... Last room!!!
I can't believe it either - I can't believe it's the last room, or that it's taken three years! How the time flies.
Are you harbouring any mini thoughts of future projects?? Build a theatre.... ;-)
I can't wait to see the master Bedroom comes along, and I love the "building site" pics.
Much Love
Simon x

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Looks like real and... is empty! I can´t imagine how could it look when you make some advances!!! The wallpaper is really pretty, perfect for a bedroom.
Don´t think about finishing projects... you always could make a kitchen or a conservatory attached to the sides!

A big hug!!!

Josje said...[Reply]

Ah yes, I know about the real life issues...unfortunately these are things we have to deal with from time to time... I'm glad to see you're back though.

Had to laugh about the three years, as I am ten years into my first house already, and I didn't even build it myself!

Anyway, love the wallpaper, well worth the wait! And I always love to see the progress of a build, so I look forward to your next posts!

Léa said...[Reply]

Hello John,

This room is amazing, I love its size and what emerges.
Welcome back and good luck for the future work ... ♥ Have a very nice week. Léa

Andy said...[Reply]

Hello John,

I write this with my hanky close at hand (or should that be a mouchoir?!), The last room sounds so... well, so FINAL!

How can this be true? You must work VERY SLOWLY! ;o)

Anyhow, the room looks promising, the toile paper is scrumptious! The stripe behind the pattern of happy peasants really lifts the whole thing, it will be fab'lous on the bedroom wall!!

Fire place looks great too, nice and simple, just right for a bedroom.

It's good to have you back, but please don't rush this room! What will we all have to look forward to otherwise!! (the 2014 Ben Cohen calender excepted!!) ;o)

Maybe Merriman Park needs a few additional wings!!

Cunning, delay making hugs

Andy xxxx

Catherine said...[Reply]

John. I am really looking forward to watching you finish this room. I know it will be every bit a beautiful as all the others have been. BUT.... I also feel a bit scared that we are going to loose you when it is finished. Say it isn't so!!!! Say you will begin another project. OK...???? sniff

Daydreamer said...[Reply]

Oh Boy Another Room at Merriman Park!!! Welcome back, John!!! I join the chorus with the others to lament the Last Room designation... Please don't stop!!! This room looks so Beautiful in it's bare beginnings... I Love the unfinished look with the light streaming in the windows... just SO Evocative! But the promised developments sound Gorgeous... the Toile looks Perfect and I look forward to seeing all the other pieces you will add. It's sure to be a fun room to watch!

Neen said...[Reply]

I love the way the last unfinished room looks as though nineteenth (or eighteenth?) century workers will be showing up any minute to finish the painting and carpentry work. Such a feeling of peace and anticipation, wow!

Catherine said...[Reply]

Somebody in here needs to switch to decaf.

Margaret said...[Reply]

Looking at the bare room conjures up feelings of excitement I have felt when preparing to decorate a real room. It looks beautiful even before you start, and I love the wallpaper, I was considering where I could use that exact one I believe. I look forward to seeing your steps along the way.

Dale Fluty said...[Reply]

Love the wallpaper selection and the fireplace mantle you chose. Always exciting to see a room become a masterpiece. Love the little sawhorses and toolbox. :-)

Surely after you finish this room it will be time for an addition to Merriman Park or perhaps a remodel. You know that mini houses are never done...just like our real size houses.

Great to see you back.


Anna said...[Reply]

John, it looks just like a 1:1 room under construction as is. It'll be gorgeous when it's done.

It only took a few months to finish my French townhouse, but 1) I work on projects pretty obsessively, and 2) I was highly motivated to complete the house before the temperature dropped, since my workspace is a cold, dark, depressing shared garage. I read somewhere that Kristin Baybars, octogenarian owner of London's last remaining dollhouse shop, never did complete the dollhouse she began building at age 15, so you're in good company.

After Merriman Park is COULD plan another project. (I already have the next two houses planned out, even though I don't yet have the funds or the space for either of them!)

Giac said...[Reply]

Hello John,
Welcome back my friend! It's great to see a new post on your blog.
While I hate the idea of Merriman Park coming to an end, I honestly think it is one of the most inspiring miniature houses I have seen. Your plans for the bedroom are great and I really look forward tos eeing it come to life.
Big hug,

jeffry said...[Reply]

Hi John,
Finishing a house in only 3 years...boy you work fast!!
That wallpaper looks so familiar...!
(yep you will see it somewhere else too). Looking forward to see what you will be doing/making of this room.

Ilona said...[Reply]

Hi John, it is good to see you back and in action to work on your gorgeous miniatures!! Welcome back :D!!
This bedroom is just wonderful, as it looks now with the sunbeams and the workbenches: ready to start the last job! Good luck!
Your purchases are fantastic, love the toile de jouy!
Hugs, Ilona

Brad said...[Reply]

Hi John,

What an beautiful and inspiring creation you have. Your Merriman Park is spectacular. I love the colors you have chosen and the detail you have achieved is outstanding. I can't wait to see how the bedroom turns out. I'm sure it will be wonderful.

All best,

Gee said...[Reply]

Great purchases, John.
And what a fab idea showing us how you work a room.
Andy already wrote what I think.
*feet stamping* I don't want MP to be finished and I don't want to miss your posts.
And of course Tina is so right :)
Big Hug,

Irene said...[Reply]

Good to see you back John, and raring to go.

The wallpaper you've chosen is lovely and it's nice to see the decorators in situ!

I can hardly believe it's three years since you first put pen to paper. Here's hoping there's another fab creation in the pipeline!

Troy said...[Reply]

Hi John, I am looking forward to your progress - welcome back! Is that wallpaper peach? I like the subtle stripes.

The grandmommy said...[Reply]

That is going to look really really nice. Especially with that wallpaper.

MiniLover said...[Reply]

Glad to see you're back at the toile and can't wait to see this room finished.

But what are you going to do for an encore?

See you in Chicago next month I hope.


Fi.P said...[Reply]

Hello My Lovely,

Do NOT ask me how on earth I missed this post. It must have been the one and only day I didn't check my blog reader!!! I so sorry darling!!

Any way, I can't believe you're on your last room. All I can do is prey you have another project in mind?? The room is going to be gorgeous, I just love the Toile de jouy, I keep looking for an excuse to use it in my house. I love the photo with the light pooring looks like the room is full of anticipation......ready to be created.

So great to have you back here...and as Si feels like the old gang is back together.....XXXX