Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Will Be a Little Late, This Year

...And yet, your intrepid Reporter is pretending that spring has sprung,  nevertheless busying himself with all the mundane, hum-drum tasks put off all winter --like cleaning!   Still freezing outside?  Who cares?  Crank up the furnace, throw open the windows and let in some fresh, albeit frigid, air!  Still a slushy layer of ice on the patio? (with a whole winter's-worth of frozen doggy-doo on top)  A quick sweep of the shovel will take care of that.  Yes, I know it's too early to hose it all down --Damn it, I DON"T CARE-- it's getting damned hosed, dammit!

And that rag-tag, sofa slip-cover that I've been meaning to redo forever?  It's getting DONE.  NOW!  WITH PIPING!

Yes, it has been a virtual hive of Real-Life activity chez moi...I shan't rest until every last cobweb and dust bunny is banished from my sight! Of course, all this frenzied, dreaming of spring-induced OCD-ness means that life at Merriman Park has come to a bit of a stand-still.

Until yesterday, that is, when a long-anticipated package from the Lawbre company finally made its way to my doorstep. And so work on the Bedchamber can finally continue...

Hey! Anyone else going to the Chicago International miniatures show later this month?  Drop me a message if you would like to catch a cup of coffee, or something!


Elga said...[Reply]

Chicago.... I wish, one day hopefully. Enjoy spring.... when it comes eventually, autumn is kicking in here a whole two months early, wondered what happened to global warming, it seems everyone had a longer and colder winter in the Northern hemisphere and our summer here in the South were cooler than usual.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your bedchamber, please get rid of all the dust bunnies, etc soon!

Pedrete said...[Reply]

¡Hola John!

Aquí también está tardando en llegar la primavera, no para de llover... Aunque eso nos viene muy bien a los alérgicos. Yo no iré a la feria de Chicago, pero sí lo harán algunos de mis trabajos. Estarán en la mesa de Taller Targioni.

¡Un abrazo enorme!

Ilona said...[Reply]

Hi John, no Chicago for me is a bit too far, perhaps ......ever ;)! I guess I never shall, but you can't have everything, huh....?
So you have the spring clean up in your head, whilst you were waiting for a package? Go and finish the clean up, afterwards you have got a lot more time to do miniatures :D
We also still haven't seen a bit of spring, where is it????
Hugs, Ilona

Catherine said...[Reply]

Spring is late here too. I should be basking sunshine and the temperatures should be in the middle 70's. Saying that... Then the NASTY weather really starts. High humidity and 105 degrees.

Have lots of fun in Chicago. I will be thinking about you. I can't wait to see all the treasures you bring home.

Fi.P said...[Reply]

Hello my lovely,

Everything is late every where!! Autumn has only just started to arrive here, we have had such a long hot summer....I'm glad to see the back of it!

I'm so glad you can get started on your bedchamber, it will be very exciting to see it unfold. I have been busy refreshing my RL house too, it's been too hot to really get stuck in until now.

I'm so happy that sun is on the way for you, soak up as much as you can. Oh how I wish I could say I will meet you in Chicago for a coffee!! Have fun my dear!!

Big hugs, Fi XXX

Gee said...[Reply]

hi John!
before typing my comment i first had to look up what un abrazo enorme means.

You busy bee you!
My body refuses to physically wake up from hibernation until temperature reaches 18C at least, so I will become active then.

I won't be attending Miniatura, as my spending money really is that (miniatura).

However i hope you'll have an incredible time at the show and already looking forward reading about your adventures.

Great that you can work on the bedchamber again!don't you just hate it having to wait for something you ordered...

anyways, have a lovely week!

Daydreamer said...[Reply]

Hi John! I think of you EVERY time the Weatherman says more snow for Minneapolis.... So Sorry :(! Here it has been Windy and cold, but the snow has Melted YAY!!! And my crocus are blooming.... I am sure you will see signs of Spring (other than a Winter's worth of poop...) before long... I think last year's Super Early Spring has just made us all expect it early again! Spring Cleaning is better accomplished Before Spring arrives anyway... you want to be outside once it is here!
I can't wait to see more of the Merriman Park bedroom.... You know I LOVE your Style!!!

miraclechicken said...[Reply]

Hi John :) Today I took the plastic off my windows and let some 70F in woohoo! I LOVE plastic take off day, SOOO tired of the deep freeze.....

Sionchi said...[Reply]

Aquí aún no ha llegado la primavera y ¡ cuántas ganas tengo que llegue ! Es muy raro que no haya llegado pero será debido al cambio climático que nos amenaza incluso con que desaparezca. A mi es la estación del año que más me gusta. Tu vídeo es precioso. Besos

Giac said...[Reply]

Hello john,
While it kills me not having Merriman Parl updates, I think a grand structure like that deserves a dust bunny free environment, so it is for the greater good. I cannot wait to see work on the bed chamber! Do not overdo it with the spring cleaning. I hope you have a wonderful time in Chicago John...hopefully next year it will be possible to go. whenever I do you will be one of the first to know.
Big hug,

Beth Gaither said...[Reply]

Hello John! Your work is amazing! YOU are a master miniaturist. Don't ever think otherwise. I am so far behind you. I am trying to finish my dollhouse dining room and am frustrated with the wainscoting. I looked on the Lawbre site and cannot find individual panels. Can you guide me in the right direction? I have completely immersed myself in your blog for the duration of this weekend, enjoying every word!

John said...[Reply]

Hi Beth!

Thanks for the compliments. My email address is on my profile and I would be more than happy to answer any questions.(I tried looking you up but all I found was your google+ account).

Thanks again,