Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thank You, Sophia!

Well, your humble reporter finally reclaimed his camera, so I thought I would show you the lovely, black and gold urns that Sophia from Small Talk gave me at the Chicago show.  They're simply di-voon and I love that the little lids are removable!

Sorry that I've been sort of MIA the past few weeks.  Life certainly has it's ups and downs, right? You do understand?  Of course, you do.

On the mantle are the new clock and trophies from David Iriarte.  (I should probably take a better photo of them that will do them some justice)!  To the right of the fireplace is a firescreen I made from a House of Miniatures kit.  Actually, it's two kits because the screen came with a square panel and I replaced it with an oval one.  No, mes chers, I'm afraid I did not paint the floral image --I could probably have pulled it off  in 'real scale,'-- but I don't have the patience (nor the expertise) for that sort of work and so I decoupaged it.

BTW, Forgive me for not lately commenting on your blogs...I'm afraid I'm dreadfully behind and I am desperately trying to catch up!

It's been nothing but rain, rain, rain here in Minneapolis --but the sun somehow managed to peek out for approximately five minutes today so I snatched the op to snap these few photos.  Did I mention that I am absolutely coo-coo for those urns?

Coming up: the Master Bedchamber, revealed!  But first, in honor of Marisa from Steinworks: a MUSIC VIDEO!


Daydreamer said...[Reply]

Hi John! I can So Relate to your "Rain, Rain Rain"... ditto here! And those Urns are To Die For!!! They could not be more Perfect for your room!!! All your accessories are looking Beautiful... and they make the room more and more inviting! I just Love and Admire your persistence in assembling the Best of everything for Merriman Park!!! I'm glad you got some sun and snapped the pictures.... I was starting to Desperately NEED an Elegance Fix!!! LOL! You Never Disappoint!!!

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Betsy! Whenevs you need an Elegance Fix, I'll hook you up!

Giac said...[Reply]

Hello John,I was about to send out a search party! Those urns are gorgeous. You got and made incredible items. The room is just fantastic. you furnished it just right and the accessories work so well together. Your room really is a work of art. David's work is astounding. Do not worry, we know how crazy life is at times.
Now shante away, but not too long...there is only one John after all!
Big hug,
Honey Badger

John said...[Reply]

Thank you, Honey Badger! I just read your latest post and you had, like, 700 comments,'s all a little overwhelming, sometimes.

The grandmommy said...[Reply]

I love that room and going to try to get some tips for a room I am working on.

Ok I will talk about the white elephant in the room...that WILD! ROTFL...

John said...[Reply]

Glad you like it!

Then again, how can you not like a video that references The Wizard of Oz, Paris is Burning, RuPaul's Drag Race, The Boys in the Band, The Eyes of Laura Mars, The Wiz, Xanadu, et al?

Catherine said...[Reply]

I am so glad you got your camera back so you could show us all these fabulous accessories!

The urns look like they were made for that gorgeous room. David's trophy's and clock look lovely on your mantel. Who cares how you got those pretty roses on the fire screen. It looks great.

While I am looking forward to seeing the finished master bedroom I am a little worried. I hope you have a new project planed now that Merriman Park is almost finished. ;-)

The Old Maid said...[Reply]

The urns are lovely but I just love your oval firescreen, John! The whole room looks so great with all these beautiful additions!
Big hug

Elga said...[Reply]

Love all your new goodies, I just bought a set of those urns for one of my friends in Rheda, Germany, they are painted by Victoria Fasken, a British artist. I am behind on reading blogs too, had no time while I was traveling, so have a lot of catching up to do too.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Absolutely lavish and elegant John!!! The urns are a great addition also the clock and trophies!

Well, now is time to wait for the Bedchamber Day :P


Anna said...[Reply]

You'll have to imagine my squeals of delight when I saw this room, but trust me, they were well deserved. This room looks like it could be a Thorne Room!

I hear you on ups and grandmother died, so I put off working on my 1:12 midcentury house to help clean out/fix up her 1:1 midcentury house!

Steinworks said...[Reply]

I dont know what kiki is so I had to look it up... Yes I want one! those urns look wonderful! Im so glad you got your camera now I get to see the Bedroom (that sounds so wrong but it's completely innocent)

Hugs and Kisses

Evelyne Martin said...[Reply]

OMG!!! This room is absolutely gorgeous, I love it!


Iris March said...[Reply]

Oh John,
That room is to DIE for. I have saved a picture of it so I can "borrow" some of your wonderful ideas (I hope you don't mind).

John, my friend, I certainly do know about life's up and downs too well, and personally, I wish I didn't. I was glad to see this post for you and was beginning to worry.

Many hugs and kisses,

Lucille said...[Reply]

Hi John! Your room looks like something out of a magazine! It's perfect. I just can't get enough of looking at it. I love all your new acquisitions and I love what you did to the fire screen. So nice to hear from you. I was thinking of you lately and wondering if you were okay.

Gee said...[Reply]

Hi John!
I was about to e-mail you, but you beat me to it with this post.
Life toys around with us using ups and downs but I hope life is treating you nice now.
If it is not and there is anything I can do just let me know!

Now, on subject: I love the firescreen and your David Iriarte treasures.
But my favorites are the urns, and the pedestals they stand on are so well chosen!
A super match.
I too am a sucker for little lids that can open and such things so I so understand your enthusiasm!

All and all it is a gorgeous room and the items in it are so well chosen -did I ever mention I think the statues are divine too?-; such a pleasure to look at and enjoy and I also very much like the fact that all of your rooms have a strong signature.
Looking forward to seeing your progress on the bedchamber. You take care,

Big hugs,

Elizabeth S said...[Reply]

Hi John! Your work is very refined and reminds me so much of the quality of work from the late Eugene Kupjac! You pay the same kind of attention to the tiny details in the construction the furnishings, and of course, the accessories. Case in point, the exquisite black and gold urns and the oval fire screen. Even with one being a 'bashed' kit and the others tiny works of art, you have made them both work together and each able to stand on their own as well as form a cohesive whole. An 'Ali Babas' cave of miniature treasures!


Andy said...[Reply]

Hello Dear John,

well, what fun, I have been shaking my arse to the Scissor Sisters Let's have a Kiki for months now, though without those white flares (Full drag I can handle, but flares are way too retro for my tastes) so it was nice to hear it again!!

Now, those urns are gorgeous, and look right at home - thank the gods that you got your camera back so we could all see them! Those trophies by David Iriarte look very familiar, I believe a certain person also has a pair, purchased at a recent London dolls house show!! I love that clock, I didn't see any of those at Kensington!!! The chandelier is stunning, I love that and the fire screen looks great too.

The first photo of the drawing room looks so perfect, like a Ward-Thorne room!! You have done an outstanding job!!!

All I can say about the weather is, at least the snow has finally gone! ;o)

Big hugs

Andy xxx

MiniLover said...[Reply]

Hey John--

Thanks so much for the shout out. Those urns look mahvelous, dahling, on your pedestals--great choice! The whole room is absolutely chock-a-block with detail--it's perfect.

Come back to Chicago and we'll go to Farrow and Ball!



miraclechicken said...[Reply]

Hi John,
Absolutely gorgeous! I love this room, I could not stop looking :) I did pause to watch the video, what a scream!! Yeah, don't disappear on me...your work is stunning and you are a riot---

Indy_Poppy said...[Reply]

John, if you ever get bored of your dollhouse (which I doubt) you can build mine.....I so want it to be at the stage you are be happily decorating that is my dream. The urns are can mention them as often as you like. IndyPoppy

Ilona said...[Reply]

Hi John, it's good to see you're back! We all know how crazy life is at times.
The room looks just fantastic and those urns are gorgeous. All of your accessories work so well together. David's work is astounding. I am glad you have your camera back and yourself ;D!!
Hugs, Ilona

Fi.P said...[Reply]

Hello my Lovely,
Sorry I'm late, RL has been getting in the way. The urns are just beautiful, they look like they are made for the room, how generous of Sophia. Your fire screen is lovely, very clever indeed. I think it seems the mood of blog land at the moment, every one seems busy with real life. I hope to get back to miniatures as soon as I finnish my commissions.

Good to be in touch.

ML Fi xx

Debora said...[Reply]

Yah! Put on the music!! ;)

As for the rest... just breath taking. I love your photography skills, your choice of accessories, your staging abilities, your choice of words, your decoupaging, kit bashing, capturing sunlight persistence, and... and...

Thanks for showing (up) :D

John said...[Reply]

OMG! I got a COMPLIMENT on my PHOTOGRAPHY!?! That is a FIRST! Thank you, Debora!