Saturday, February 6, 2010

First Things First

So I decided to move ahead with finishing the exterior of Merriman Park before I try tackling the wiring. I know, I know --chicken! But at least this way I will have the gratification of seeing some progress. So I ordered my quoins from Lawbre and the rosettes for the cornice from Sue Cook. Nothing but the best! God, this is getting expensive.

Of course the balustrade for the roof I found at my local dollhouse shop that was actually reasonably priced is NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Which means, I suppose, that I will have to fork over yet more big bucks for a replacement that looks exactly the same but is FIVE TIMES THE PRICE!

More frustration: I need just a few more inches of 1/4" quarter-round and I shlepped over to Home Depot and of course they didn't have any. So I stopped at the lumber yard by my house and they closed at noon for the weekend! Foiled, again!

I guess I could work on the window mullions --only eight more to go! WHEEE! THIS IS FUN!