Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quoins Came!

I made a mad dash home from work today because I knew that my long-awaited quoins would greet me on the front porch. The thermometer plummeted the previous night, flash-freezing the mushy slop on the sidewalks into glare ice. So I guess the "mad dash" from the train station was more of an erzatz skating routine, without the triple loops but with much flailing of arms. I ain't no Evan Lysacek. Hell, I ain't even no Johnny Weir, that poor hot mess, though I do admit we share a similar certain baroque fashion-flair fierceness!

And though the package was not waiting for me when I got home, they were delivered an hour or two ago and I've already affixed them in place onto the classical facade of Merriman Park!

I love, love, LOVE them! They really make the piece look less like a big plywood box and more like an actual building. I also added some crown molding to the arched windows on the ground floor. I never was too pleased with these windows (I think they are just a tad clunky). But the molding helps. I think I am going to add keystones to them as well --because like I always say: it's not done until it's overdone!


Karin Corbin said...[Reply]

Keep it up and before long you will be all done being overdone.

I enjoyed Weird Weir's routine very much. Reminded me of Johnny Depp in Edward Scissor Hands for some reason. That costume was interesting but I did not realize the intent of the design until they mentioned that his routine was representing a fallen angel. Then I could see that the graphics represented wings. Hmm, I wonder did all the rumors of Johnny Depp's death inspire the dance?

John said...[Reply]


timothyseanmcshane said...[Reply]

Hello John- I bought you a book today that you are gonna die for... I hope you don't have one already. And I bought you a very nice chair. It is an authentic Take a Seat sculpture by Raine.The Certificate Of Authenticity reads, "Billiard Room c. 1895 Hidden away in the Bachelors' Wing of Biltmore House, the Billiard Room was primarily a male retreat. Here men played billiards and pool or just relaxed in upholstered leather armchairs like this miniature replica. Crafted in London in 1895, this very masculine chair was reproduced from a 17th-century model that originated from an old English estate."
Hopefully the scale is appropriate for Merriman and you can find a place for it somewhere in your decor. I'm shipping them to Jeri's. Best of Luck!

John said...[Reply]

OMG! I am speechless! Thanks, cuz! I'm sure that there will be a very prominent place for your chair.