Saturday, January 29, 2011


It gets bloody cold here in Minnesota.  Part of the reason I'm building Merriman Park is to keep busy during these bleak, bone-numbing months so I don't sink into a depressive, zombie-like state.  For real.  Anyway, I couldn't seem to muster the energy to bundle up, and get my arse out of the house to purchase paint to finish up my stone work.  So I finally broke down and shopped online, delivery charges be damned!  And in just a few short days, the box of paints and supplies arrived on my doorstep. Thanks, magic internet! 

It's a good thing I was home when the package was delivered --it could have all froze solid and then I would have been back to square one...


Cassandra said...[Reply]

Wasn't this past one a particularly nasty winter?

Dollhouse weather though, of course.