Saturday, June 25, 2011

Music Video Saturday -- Sleepthief: 'Laberinthine Heart'

           Starring Katherine Leigh Scott as Josette DuPres Collins

I remember as a kid being scared (pardon my French) maird-less watching the ghost of Josette Collins coming out of her portrait at 0:13-0:26 LOL!

And I would curl up and die if I ever got my hands on one of those music boxes which is prominently featured in the video and which were reportedly (and briefly) marketed once upon a time to diehard DS fans.  BTW they're remaking Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp as vampire Barnabus Collins.  Haven't heard who is taking the role of Josette DuPres Collins --probably one of those slags from The Hills.


The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...[Reply]

Oooh, Dark Shadows! I bet we'd laugh at it now, but yes it used to be the scariest thing on TV! Rumor has it that Helena Bonham Carter will play Josette. What's a little nepotism when it comes to vampires, anyway?

John said...[Reply]

No way! I love me some Helena Bonham Carter, but Josette is supposed to be 21 years old!

cassandra ludwig-malone toth said...[Reply]

Gosh that was lovely! I had to wait to get to work to see it (more sophisticated computer) and I watched it twice.

I read that Helena was going to play Dr. Julia Hoffman - which is PERFECT!

Watched a bunch more episodes last night - poor Barnabas has found that he married a W-i-t-c-h! I am beginning to feel sorry for him, didn't believe it was possible.

I think I'll listen to that again - it's sad and lovely at the same time.