Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jefferson Walnut Card Tables

One of a pair of my new Jefferson card tables, from the Monticello Collection (as are the chairs).

Not one but two of these card tables arrived the other day for the Entrance Hall of Merriman Park.  I love using pairs of things in my decorating schemes.  Even in my own 'real' house, glancing around the rooms, you will find pairs of demi-lune tables, pairs of sconces and pairs of candlesticks scattered here and there. 

Demi-lune tables flank the dining room window
One of the pair of demi-lune tables in the dining room, with its corresponding pair of (mismatched) busts.  I made a giant stamp to create the repeated, baroque  pattern on the back wall.
Sometimes, it doesn't even matter if the 'pairs' are an exact match.  A pair of mismatched chairs flanking the fireplace still looks balanced.
The oval mirror over the fireplace was my grandmother's --purchased almost a century ago from the Montgomery-Ward catalog!

Note the pair of candlesticks grouped side-by-side on the right side of the mantle: I once read in a decorating magazine that to do this was a huge no-no, but I think the set balances the grouping on the left side, don't you?  Also note the twin pair of light sconces, and the pair of lamps in the room's corners.  If you decorate in an 'eclectic' style, as I like to do, you'll find that a matching pair of anything will help unify things, and keep your setting from getting too busy.  That's my dearly-departed first Sheltie, Ella on the loveseat.  How we still miss her!
A pair of candlestick lamps flank the bar. Cocktails, anyone?
I am addicted to pairs and use them everywhere!  When selecting furniture for Merriman Park, I'll often pick up a set of two, just in can always store one of the pairs in your dollhouse attic if you can't find a spot for the complete set!  (And you might need the second piece if you decide someday to redecorate or rearrange your miniature rooms). Try using pairs of items --either in your dollhouse, or in your real home.


Jeff said...[Reply]

Hi John-I had to leave my very first comment on a blog for your blog because you house is beautiful (both you miniature house and your real house!) and I love the style of it and the craftsmanship you have shown. You've done a remarkable job for your first house-I love it. Jeff

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Jeff! I'm getting anxious to start working on the interior.

Jeff said...[Reply]

By the way, I was excited to read your tutorial on brick work. Ever since I got the Mulvaney's book I have thought about following their example for bricking (?) and was interested to see someone else try it. It sounds like a lot of work but the results see to be worth it. Were you happy with the end result? Jeff

John said...[Reply]

Yes, I am pleased with the results. And people sort of freak out when they realize each brick is individually etched! But those English sure are cagey about their methods...

Lucille said...[Reply]

Hello John! I love your house. I thought that was wallpaper, but it's a stamp you made? You're so very clever. I love the colour you picked for the walls. Also love your style of furniture. Your home looks very cozy and it must be nice to come home after a hard day's work to such a relaxing ambiance! Thank you for sharing your home.

John said...[Reply]

Thanks Lucille,

Yes it IS a giant stamp --the original shape was a laser-cut piece of sheet metal from a store display (I have a box of a couple dozen in the garage)! I took one and glued thin foam rubber on one side and then rolled paint over it and used it just like a big stamp. I've been thinking about repainting --it's been a few years in that color-- but I still love that busy pattern that some people said I would fast get tired of!