Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have had some difficulty in finding a suitable wallpaper for the Entrance Hall of Merriman Park.  My first choice, a scenic panorama of ancient ruins, does not quite fit the proportions of the room.  And my decision to add the double, Palladian stair on the back wall, behind the archway, has also confounded the use of this pattern.

A few months back I ordered what appeared (on-line) to be the perfect wall covering --a brocade-damask pattern in my favorite shade of terra-cotta --a color I love and which looks amazing as a background to gilt frames,  which I plan to use in abundance in this space.

Terra-cotta background  + gold picture frames = fabulous!

Unfortunately, when the paper arrived, the pattern was way too large --more  'Barbie doll scale' than the 1/12th scale that is Merriman Park!  I also noticed that this paper appeared to be a mere photo copy of an actual textile, and this got me to thinking...

Why not just shrink the pattern to fit on a color photocopy machine?

And that, is exactly what I did.  Or more accurately, what my long-suffering partner, Glen, did!  All I need to do now is get my hands on some decent, suitable paper on which to print my new wall covering, et voila!  Necessity is the mother of invention.

I also made a trip to the local dollhouse shop to pick up some more cornice so I'll be able to finally complete the chimney extensions.  And while there, I also grabbed some strip wood for the Entrance Hall wainscot.  Here I pieced a sample together  with my raised panels from Lawbre and a bit of gaffer's tape.  The woodwork will all be painted a bright cream and will really pop against the terra-cotta background.
The shrunken wall paper and wainscot mock-up.
    Not sure when I'll actually be getting around to these tasks...Merriman Park is, after all, my Winter project, and it's absolutely Paradise here in Minnesota right now, surprise, surprise!  It's actually perfect outside: sunny, warm (but not too warm), low humidity --it's what makes living up here bearable.

The patio we put in last Summer with my new pots planted last week & planted for Fall, already!
   Get out and enjoy the rest of Summer while you still can --and before it's too late!


Giac said...[Reply]

Hi again John,
I can't wait to see your finished rooms. Great job ont he wallpaper. It looks great and the room has a very warm, elegant feel to it! I love the fact that you put the stairs behind the column. The room feels very "real".

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Giac! The pattern will look better (I hope) when it's printed on some nicer paper. But I've found another paper in a similar design & now I can't decide which one I like better.

HepzibethClare said...[Reply]

Hi John, looks beautiful - have you considered using a textured high rag content paper, like for resumes? It might simulate the grain of silk...