Saturday, October 1, 2011

Slow Going

Lucky for me, I usually have weekends free at  my job at the Department Store where I work in Display.  But not this weekend.  We had a Major Fashion Event at the store today which required me to go in late last night after closing and set up a huge stage set and catwalk and seating for eight hundred.  Then I had to go back early this morning and tear it all down!  So there wasn't a whole lot of time to work on Merriman Park.

When I arrived home this morning my entire body was positively screaming for a little nap (and, I'm not going to lie, a Bloody Mary, too)!  But I foreswore those tempting diversions when I caught a glimpse of poor, neglected Merriman Park, sulking in its corner of the dining room and so, to work!

Here it is, under construction.  I just love my new bannister from Sue Cook Miniatures!  I added some bull-nose molding to the stair landing as per Giac and took Irene's advice and tarted up the stair runners with black marble.  In deference to Simon I thought the bannister splats should be highlighted here and there in gold, all the better to draw attention to the detail.

I'm trying so very hard to resist attaching the railing until it is completely dry!  Patience is not one of my virtues, I fear.  (But having to sand off my fingerprints once already may be deterrent enough!

In addition to the stair splats, I also picked up this keystone from Miss Sue.  The old keystone, I'm afraid, simply did not make the keystone cut.  This little beauty I also used on the facade of Merriman Park.  I personally love to have continuity between indoors and out, (especially in an Entrance Hall), and I thought this would be a subtle reference to the exterior.  Of course, the stair splats are the same as my exterior balcony, so maybe I am taking this concept too far?  As a matter of fact, I am toying with the idea of replacing my Entrance Hall chandelier with a hanging 'lantern'-style fixture.  I've noticed that this is appropriate to a Hall (thanks, Irene)!  but, try as I may, I can't seem to find a lantern that I like.  So for now, I guess I'm sticking with the chandelier!


Simon said...[Reply]

Hi John, it looks great. I also like the white bottom step (not sure if you have decided on leaving it white or adding tiles, either way it looks great). I can imagine the temptation of wanting to do more but your patience will pay off. I can't wait to see more...

Pedrete said...[Reply]

Es una baranda preciosa, John!! Y todas las molduras que le estás poniendo le dan un carácter muy señorial al recibidor. ¡Un saludo y enhorabuena!

Simon said...[Reply]

ps The new key stone fits perfectly.

John said...[Reply]

I thought originally I might marble it, but Giac thought it would be best painted white (which I really like too). I lightly etched a few 'joints' across it with a blade.

Giac said...[Reply]

Hello John,
The staircase looks so grand and elegant. You're doing such a great job! Good call on the keystone. I appreciate the sens of continuity between the exterior and interior of the house.
I'll say it again, nobody would ever believe this is your first project...nobody!

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Giac! I once put together a kit house for my sister when I was a teenager, but it was nothing like this! She still has it! I'm going to do a post on it, someday (if it's not too embarrassing --I don't remember much how it looks).