Monday, December 26, 2011

Nice Girls Don't Wear Cha-Cha Heels!

Christmas has mercifully come and gone and since Ray Whitledge is dying to know, I am pleased to report that Santa brought Merriman Park a fab, new chandelier!  Ain't she pur-dy?  Unfortunately, the sconces didn't make it in time but should be here in a day or two...not that I could hook them up if I had them!  Oh, I am a regular expert now at splicing hair-sized wires together with shrinky-tubes and my hot-pink, Revlon blow-dryer.  And installing Tic-Tac-sized plugs is a cinch, darlings!  Today, I can practically do that in my sleep  But what do you do when all twelve sockets are in use?  I tried adding another socket strip to my transformer, but only one will work.  It's supposed to be able to handle sixty-two lights, so what gives?  Can I splice some of  my fixtures together and put them on a single plug to free up space?  Or maybe I'm just not hooking up the second socket strip correctly?  Ugh! 

Anyhoo, on this side of the room, you can see the glam, new console table, (another prezzie from that jolly, old elf), under the painting, Dante et Virgil.  Oh, and in the corner niche that is allegedly, supposed to be Hercules (whom I have been affectionately referring to as Lady-Legs)!  He reminds me of those certain queens you see at the gym who only work out their chest and shoulders and never bother to touch the leg machines, so from the waist up they look like The Incredible Hulk but from the waist down they sort of look like an ostrich!  But I dunno, his face is kind of hot, with his beard, he is totally serving up a heapin' helpin' of  Lumberjack Realness!

In the other niche we have a generic, female, Grecian goddess.  Both of these statues were marketed as a pair, but other than the hideous, albeit matching bases they came attached to (which I promptly sawed off)! I don't think they relate to one another very well.  Hercules bares some semblance to an ancient Greek work, while the female figure, in her 'saucy country wench' pose, strikes me as being more of an eighteenth-century French piece. But what do I know from Art?  Her proportions are not much better than Lady-Legs:  her head is gi-normous and her feet can only be described as flippers.  But thus far, they are the ONLY statues I could find that fit the they will just have to do, for now!  Lady-Legs is also nearly a quarter inch shorter than Country Wench, so I had to fashion a new pedestal for him to stand on.  Kind of like how Tom Cruise has to stand on a little box when he's filming a movie so he can look his co-star in the eye.  (And that is not just idle gossip, darlings, I read it in the Enquirer)!

You may recognize the chairs in the photo to be the same ones from the Entrance Hall, and you would be correct.  (Good detective work)!  I really wanted to have four matching chairs for the Hall, but was unable to find another set so I'm moving these upstairs and am getting four new (matching) chairs for the hall.
The room will really come together with the crown molding in place!  But I first have to wait for the sconces to arrive so I can then glue the walls in place, etc.'s all about the correct order!

Hope all y'all had a great Christmas!


Fi.P said...[Reply]


That chandelier is stunning!!!!!!!!

The furniture looks gorgeous, it's all coming together so well. I get what you mean about lady legs but if you hadn't have mentioned it i wouldn't have noticed.

As a whole the room is coming together in true John style and looks Fabulous!!!!

I love the last picture.....priceless!!!

Fi xx

Simon said...[Reply]

Hi John, Santa was very good to you! The chandelier is lovely, quite perfect for the room. You makeme laugh about your statues, I know what you mean though, you'll find the right pair eventually. As for the elctrics you may well have to run another transformer (or two) in order to keep the full brightness. I know from experience that coupling up light fittings only dims them as the electric has more connections to pass through and further to go. I'm sure Mr Whitledge and the Others will come up trumps.
I really like your furniture arrangement, it has a relaxed but stately look to it.
Hope you don't have to work between now and New Year?

John said...[Reply]

Hi, Si and Fi! (SiFi, lol)!

I LOVE my new chandelier, too! Fi, don't even get me started on Lady Legs' boo-tay! (It starts where the small of his back should be --freaky)! Good thing it faces the corner!

Si, are you kidding? I was up yesterday at the crack of (the wee hours before) dawn to set up our 'After Christmas' Sale! It's 5:00 AM and I'm off again to tear down rest for the wicked!

iseecerulean said...[Reply]

I used to work with a woman who was as addicted to her exercise bike as she was her gin bottle. From the hips down she looked like a marathon runner while above the hips she looked the sixty year old grandmother she was, complete with back rolls and swinging arm flab. It was frightening! She wore mini-skirts to show off her legs but did not have grace enough to squat instead of bending over at the waist when she picked up something off the floor. I so desperately wanted my desk to not face the door of the storeroom...I saw so much more of her than I ever wanted to see.

Santa was very, very good to you this year! The room looks fantastic.

I'm sure you'll find just the right statuary for the niches eventually, most likely in a odd non-dollhouse way, when you're not looking for it.

iseecerulean said...[Reply]


Irene said...[Reply]

The room looks great and the paint colour is just right - you should be very proud of yourself and I see what you mean about the legs!

With regard to the transformer, I don't know about US ones but the UK ones have connectors and the wire ends of the 12 socket strips have little "U" shaped spades. I just double up the socket strips as there's space enough on the connector to do that. I also use two transformers, one to light the left side and one for the right. I've also doubled up a light fitting on occasion but only when it has been a one bulb light. I don't know if that's the right thing to do but it worked! I hope that helps.

Pedrete said...[Reply]

Mi querido John, te ha faltado pedirle a Santa Claus, una cámara fotográfica con la que poder mejorar tus ilustraciones. Siempre terminamos "intuyendo" tus trabajos con estas fotos tan borrosas, claro que en este caso "Lady piernas", lo terminará agradeciendo... En general la habitación se ve deliciosa, pero por favor, amigo John, haz mejores fotos!! Tu trabajo lo está pidiendo a gritos!! Un abrazo enorme y enhorabuena!!

My dear John has failed you ask Santa Claus, a camera with which to improve your artwork. Always we finished sensing your work with these photos so blurred, but in this case "Lady-legs", will end it by thanking... General room looks delicious, but please, friend John, just best photos! Your work is crying it out! A big hug and congratulations!

Daydreamer said...[Reply]

Hi John, I have one 40 light capacity transformer for my Castle... I just run all three of the twelve socket strips to it...(as Irene also mentions...)tripling up the connectors... the only thing you need to be careful about is that the two polarities don't touch each other.... stack the little u-shaped connectors on each other under the same screw but don't let their metal parts bump the ones for the other wires..... So far it has worked for me! The other option I have used is to make "extension cords" from some of the two socket strips and plug two lights into one socket on the twelve-strip. The important thing is not to exceed the number of bulbs overall that your transformer is good for....
Hence my 40 is good for 3 twelves and a couple of doubled connections.
As for your hunt for the perfect statues.... I wish you happy hunting! So far I think the mini- world is pretty lacking in Art-Worthy statues.... Grecian or other!
Your room is looking FABULOUS anyway..... Just Amazing the work you have done!

Ray W said...[Reply]

John.......Drat it looked forward to seeing the "Cha-Cha Heels......
The chandelier is gorgeous, and so is the room! You understand scale very well. Great job!
I can offer some help with "electrics".....bulbs have different "milliamp" ratings or "draws" of power from the transformer. The transformer makers list the "bulb' specifications for the smallest milliamp bulb, usually the grain of wheat size. I use more than one transformer when I do multiple rooms. It just is simpler for me to find the source of a problem when everthing is not on one transformer and the lights all remain bright. If you have questions please e-mail and I will gladly offer any help I can. I am no expert but have had a lot of experience with mini lighting. There is also a product at the Home Depot called "Liquid Tape" in the electrical dept. It is "smelly" but great for sealing wire connections. I have exploded my last "shrink tube" after finding this stuff. It is cured in about ten minutes and is flexible and permanent.
Good luck!

John said...[Reply]

Thanks for all the electrical advice, you guys! I had already tried stacking the little 'U' wires together under the transformer screw, but maybe I'll give it another shot --now that I know it's OK to do that. (Maybe I just didn't have a good enough connection)?

I never have heard of 'Liquid Tape,' Ray, thanks for the tip. I just might take you up on your offer, too!

Um, sorry about the photos, Pedrete...I guess you're right: a new camera would have been a nice present.

Andy said...[Reply]

Hi John, The room is looking great, I love the chandelier, it's a beauty! Wish they were easier to find in the UK! the furniture arrangement is good too, perfect for your period.

The painting looks wonderful above the 'cha- cha' console table!! and I love the bust above the door too!

The statues are a little harder to love, Hurcules is not bad, from the waist up, you did make me laugh when you mentioned lady legs! seen plenty of guys like that! The other statue does look a little 'French milk maid', but over-all they both look OK in the niches, and will certainly 'do' until something better comes along. I know that Sue Cook does a greek/roman style female figure, as I was planning to buy that once myself. (might be worth a look!)

But never mind about the statues, the room itself is looking great!
Please keep us posted!

Andy x

John said...[Reply]

Hi Andy!

I know...I feel the same way about the statues. I have some classical urns coming, maybe they will look better?

I know which Sue Cook statue you mean. My problem is finding a pair of statues that work well together. She also has (or had) a Caesar, but again, without a pair, I do not want to risk the purchase.

Hope you guys have a great weekend and Happy New Year!

Fi.P said...[Reply]

I dont know if it's my silly Aussie humour but after your last post i thought I would send you this.

I'm LOLing.

Fi xx

John said...[Reply]


Andy said...[Reply]


I'm sure Sue would be happy to make a cast of a Caesar for you if she still has the mould, or maybe make something from scratch if you asked her nicely! Urns could look good, wait and see what you think before trying other alternatives, besides, the statues that you have are ok, and will do for a while.

I guess you've looked at Neil Carter's stuff ( A bit pricey!

Giac said...[Reply]

Hi John,
THat chandelier is SOOO much better then chacha heels. They'd be murder on your back.
I wish I could recommend an artist for the statues, they are somewhat limited. I found a few convincing pieces at museums when I travel, or gift shops around the museum. I don't know if there are any near you you could check out?
The room is looking spectacular! Excellent job my friend.
All the best,

MiniLover said...[Reply]

John, the room looks lovely and your breezy writing style leaves me laughing every time.

Statues are really hard to good men (whoops). If you are looking for urns, I have some on my site and can get them in other colors... Items



Giac said...[Reply]

Hi John!
I hope you're doing well. Thanks for the comment on my post...Many see me as being hard on myself, I see it as striving to always reach higher ;)
I hope you don't mind my taking the liberty, but I just happened to see a comment you left on another blog saying you feel a little stuck lately. As a big fan of your work I see it as my duty to try and cheer you up. I thikn we all have reached a point where we feel stuck/ overwhelmed/ bored/ uninspired for our projects. Take a break if you need to, but just remember, the blogosphere needs you. I HONESTLY think that your work is up there with the best of miniaturists. The fact that Merriman Park is your first project just hightens my admiration and respect for all you have accomplished. I also think you have one of the best sens of humour out there!
Just remmeber how amazing your work is and how much you bring to our miniature world. Like I said, take a break if you need to, but Merriman Park is a work of art, you are a VERY competant artist and it would be a waste for you to stop.
I know I might of read WAY to much into this, but just think of me as that little push we need once in a while!
Not sure how to end this...soooo...that's all!
Big Giac Hugs to both you and Glen!

John said...[Reply]

Giac, THANK YOU! You are so kind. I kind of needed to hear that, I guess. You're the best!

Backatcha to you & Jo!