Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Drawing Room, Preview

It is, mes chers, an auspicious day, as my bff, Rick, was kind enough to swing through and photograph the Drawing Room of Merriman Park, (since my own photos, to be frank --well, suck). In other good news:  my blackened, ravaged fingernail which has plagued me since last winter --when I inadvertently slammed the door on it-- has finally dropped off and revealed a shiny, new nail!  Hoo-rah! Things are lookin' up!

So until my friend's proofs come back, here are my own, hackneyed attempts...And so, without further adieu:

The double doors will eventually open to a hall beyond.

The Drawing Room is located immediately over the Entrance Hall and is approximately 16" X 16."  In my 'real-life' inspiration house, designed by Thomas Jefferson, this room was octagonal --a scheme Jefferson highly favored and employed in many of the homes he designed.  Unfortunately, because of severe space restrictions, I was not able to utilize the full octagon, and so here had to settle for a hexagonal shape.

I wanted the Drawing Room to exude a quiet, understated elegance as opposed to the more exuberant Hall. There is a lot going on, architecturally, in this small space, what with all the paneled. walls, pilasters and built-in cabinetry.  So I opted for a simple, monochromatic color-story in my favorite grey-green hue.

Diana the Huntress in the niche, a birthday gift from Glen.

The fireplace was inspired by one I admired in the Thorne Rooms at the Chicago Institute of Arts. I won't show you the highly-superior version by Mrs. Thorne (as I'm afraid mine suffers the comparison)!  This is no slight intended toward my gorgeous mantel by Braxton Payne,  here done up in fab, faux marble.  I created the over mantel/mirror to mimic the arches of the two corner niches.  I'm still playing around with the accessories, but I'm lovin' my arrangements of roses on the mantle in their vases by Old Bell Pottery.
Making the corner niches.

The niches provided the biggest challenge to me.  This is only my second room I've ever made so it took some head-scratching to figure out how to fabricate the curved recesses.  The eureka-moment came as I poured myself a martini one night while pondering my dilemma:  Of course!  I molded the niche with DAS clay on the back of a bottle. Duh!

Once the niches were finished, I had the worst time trying to find apropos statues to place in them.  The female figure pictured above replaced one I had earlier, and was given to me as a thoughtful gift by my beloved Glen, as were all the light fixtures, including the glam chandelier from Rosel's!  Aren't I the luckiest boy in Miniature-Land?
 Most of the furniture is Bespaq.  I had to reupholster a few of the pieces, which I didn't think would be such a big deal (as I know how to upholster 'real-life' furniture --what could be easier, right)?  Well, not so easy, what with my clumsy, feral paws it turns out!  Could I get a little more glue smeared on those silk cushions?!?

I have to mention the door surround from Sue Cook if only because it was the first 'big purchase' I made for Merriman Park.  I bought it long before I had even brought home the plywood to build the carcass of the house itself.  How I used to take it out of its box each night and carefully unwrap its pieces and fit them together like a little puzzle and dream about the room --this room-- where they would eventually one day be so proudly and lovingly ensconced...

And now a  Sneak Peek of the Dining Room!

Mostly completed wall panels, ready for installation!


Simon said...[Reply]

Hey John
It all looks wonderful. Well done. I love everything about the Drawing Room - the colour, furniture, artwork etc. I know what you mean about being fixated with a special piece you buy and long to put in place.
The Dining is to die for!! And the curtains look great! I am ordering my Pretty Pleater this week - wish me luck!!
Love love love it!

Gee said...[Reply]

hi luckiest boy in miniature-land!
Glad to hear you've got your nail back.
And what a beautiful room you have created!
I love the statues, the light fixtures, the beautiful fireplace, the door surrounding and the furniture as well as the arrangement as a whole.
The colours in this room are so tasteful; I love the fact that the room is hexagonal too.
You really did wonders here, John, I compliment you and I am stunned; so worth the waiting!
PS: I see you have extended your French vocabulaire ;)

Gee said...[Reply]

Oh, and I see you have mastered the pretty pleater!
Good job on the curtains, the pleater is my worst enemy that haunts me in my dreams:)

Daydreamer said...[Reply]

OOOOH, Delicious! John, I LOVE the preview of the Dining room! And the Drawing Room is just Stunning! Your Niches are GENIUS! And the way all the pieces come together to create that Quiet Elegance is so Masterfully done! Your fireplace surround is Perfect... and I refuse to go look at the Thorne Rooms for comparison! (Some things just should NOT be done!!) It's Wonderful and Inspiring to see the details of your rooms!
(I wanted to copy your method of making the niche for my Tiny Tree House Salon.... but couldn't find a bottle small enough... so I used a half teaspoon measure instead!)

John said...[Reply]

Hi Si! Thanks, doll, and good luck with the Pretty Pleater! BTW, the inventor of this innovative creation is, it turns out, a native Minnesotan, who lives mere miles from me...who knew?

Gee, Vous êtes trop aimable, ma cheri, je vous en remercie! Je suis heureux que vous aimez mon travail!

Betsy! Really? A spoon? Chante, you stay!

Xandra said...[Reply]

Wat een prachtige kamer vol met details. Mijn complimenten voor het eindresultaat.

Vriendelijke groeten,


Teresa said...[Reply]

All I can say is WOW!
Thanks for the sneak peak of the diningroom! It is going for the wow factor also!

Fi.P said...[Reply]

Hi John,

well what can I say? So many beautiful things there are too many to mention!

The drawing room looks fabulous and that chandelier is divine!! The flowers either side of the mirror really add a finished look and i can't see a spot of glue on the furniture.

I cannot wait to see the dining room together it is looking wonderful, that pretty pleater has worked a trick, i just love the blue of the drapes!

All fab!

ML Fi xx

jeffry said...[Reply]

Hi John,
Your drawing room looks wonderfull!
Very elegant! And very usefull those sauvignon bottles! Your wallpaper and curtains for the diningroom are perfect, great colors!

Ray W said...[Reply]

Hello John,
Can you hear my applause! Keep listening........Stunning is the first word that comes to mind when I look at these pictures.
Your "Drawing Room" is absolutely beautiful and then you tease us with that "Dining Room" wall section including, of all things, perfect draperies. Well done!
Now get busy and show us more! ;-D
You get a Hug! and good wishes from me.

Catherine said...[Reply]

OMG! John that is so gorgeous, I am sitting here with my mouth hanging open. Your work is just BEAUTIFUL! What talent!!!!!

Iris March said...[Reply]

Oh John--what can I say? It is ALL sooooo.... beautiful!

You have done everything perfectly. It all takes my breath away and I am groping for words...
I can't wait to see more.

Speachless and breathless,

Troy said...[Reply]

Your photos are great, very life-like. I love all of the lights that you put into the room. All of the furniture looks great in there too!

The fireplace for your dining room looks good to.

What did you use for the curtain rings?

John said...[Reply]

You guys, thanks a mil for all the swell comments! I appreciate you putting up with my photography. (Troy, I used gold fittings from a bead store for making jewelery).

Pedrete said...[Reply]

¡Hola John! Que bueno volver a saludarte, ha pasado mucho tiempo desde tu último post. Bueno, la sala se ve preciosa, rebosa elegancia por todos lados! Y el avance del comedor promete muchísimo, se ve delicioso! Enhorabuena por este hermoso trabajo! Un abrazo enorme!

Karin Corbin said...[Reply]

You are certainly making a lot of progress. I can see that spring and summer backyard projects have not lured you away from the dollhouse this year.

It is certainly does not look like an amatuer's dollhouse. Well done, it is a dream come true.

John said...[Reply]

Again, I am thrilled to receive such lovely comments from all y'all!

(Thanks, Karin --that means more than you'll ever know, as the song goes).

Andy said...[Reply]

Hi John,

What a joy to see the Drawing Room again, and how elegant! The colour is perfect, a very good choice, it gives the whole room a stunningly cool elegance, the pilasters, panelling and doorframe all add to that, and the fireplace looks divine too, I love the mirror above it! Beautifully furnished and finished, congratulations my friend, you should be justly proud of it!

Here was I hoping to get a peak at your curtains, and here they are, in all their glory, I am fully inspired to get my rear in gear and make my own now!

Big bear hugs
andy xx

Giac said...[Reply]

Hello John,
John, I have to say, it is such a priviledge to be able to follow your work. The room is breathtaking. You have a wonderful eye for detail and accessories, your craftsmanship and choice of materials is stunning. Everything is just wonderful.
Stunning John, just stunning!
Big hug,
n.b. The Scissor sisters were that was a kiki!