Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July --and more pics!

Sorry I didn't photoshop fireworks over Merriman Park --that is way beyond my ability!  But here are a few photos my bff, Ricky,  took recently one night after dinner and drinks. Enjoy, and Happy 4th to the Yanks!

I love this photo because it looks like E.T. is behind the door!  Spooky!

Still have to figure out how to finish the raw wood edges...

The light fixtures show very well in this shot

A moody shot of the Drawing Room

The goddess Diana gazes serenely from her niche.
Three rooms down, three to go!
Merriman Park lit for the evening.

Due to technical difficulties, my last post on the Dining Room seems to have been lost in the shuffle.  (Thanks Simon for calling that to my attention).  Go back and read my earlier post if you would like more info on that room. And a special thank you to Rick for snapping these amazing photos!


Rafa Fonseca said...[Reply]

Hi how are you? Your house it´s amazing, looks so real, love every bit. You got a enourmes talent. Great work All the best

John said...[Reply]

Hi, Rafa! I'm well --& you? Thank you, and I have been enjoying your recent posts of your amazing 1:12 clothing, too!

Pedrete said...[Reply]

¡¡GUAU!! Se ve magnífico!! Son unas fotos maravillosas, John!! Enhorabuena, ya sólo quedan otras tres habitaciones más.

¡Un abrazo enorme!

Ray W said...[Reply]

Hello John!
These are great pictures of Merriman Park! I love the way the lighting is coming through the doors and the seeing the location of all the rooms and how they relate.
You are doing a superb job of creating this structure. Looking forward to seeing the "Music Room"
Happy 4th to you and Glenn!
All the best from Ray

John said...[Reply]

Hi, Ray! Thanks and I have a pretty good lead on the Music Room, too! Happy 4th back at you and Scott!

Es usted muy amable, Pedrete - muchas gracias y la sala de música se ha completado la mitad, así que realmente sus dos piezas y media!

Simon said...[Reply]

Hey John
The pictures look incredible, you should be very proud of all your hard work. the Dining Room is wonderful and has such atmosphere. I love the picture of the three complete rooms - and am excited to see the fourth...
Happy Fourth July Buddy. (Always a special day here as its my Dad's birthday - 70 today!)
Best wishes

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...[Reply]

Wow! To die for, Love the dining and drawing rooms. You have a wonderful eye for color and style.


John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Victoria!

Same to you, Si! I'm going to try and do a Music Room post this weekend --stay tuned...Thank you again for alerting me to my blogger snafu! My best to your dad!

cunha said...[Reply]

Hello John, congratulations this 3 rooms are amazing, very good work.

John said...[Reply]

Hey, thanks, Cunha!

Catherine said...[Reply]


If I didn't know better and someone told me this house had been built by Mulvany & Rogers I would have believed them.

You have done a beautiful job. Those rooms are so lovely. They have a great deal of charm too. I have seen lots of gorgeous rooms that lacked that element. XXX

Iris March said...[Reply]

Happy 4th of July, John

Those pictures are stunning!
Merriman Park looks wonderful and especially so, with the lights lit!

Now on to the Music room--can't wait.


John said...[Reply]

Same to you, Iris! Are you going to celebrate the holiday with a 'Bees Knees?' Ching-ching!

Catherine, I think I am going to print your comment and frame it! Thank you for the huge compliment.

jeffry said...[Reply]

Hi John,
Great pictures! The diningroom looks very elegant. And with all the lights working it looks like a real room.
A post on your music room already! Your house must be nearly finished, right? ;)

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Jeffry! No where near finished, but getting there --somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 complete...if, in fact, a house is EVER complete!

Fi.P said...[Reply]

John darling,

Exquisite. There is no other word for it, that first photo is one of the best miniature images I've seen, I'm contemplating screen saver. The door agar with light flooding in perfectly silhouettes your elegant chairs, it highlights the fireplace and candelabra and draws attention to roses flanking the door, the chandelier looks like perfection, perhaps lit in preparation for an evening to come. In the next photo there is just the right amount of light from out side to show the delicacy of the drapes and the window slightly open gives the feeling of a warm dusk in need of a cool breeze. Seeing each room and how it's placed together shows an artist with vision. All in all your friend has done justice to your magnificent work!

Love always, Fi xx

John said...[Reply]

Fi, you are too sweet! Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I don't know if I can take credit for a trick the light played, and I'm afraid it's my photographer friend who is responsible!

Gee said...[Reply]

Hi John,
The photographs are great indeed, mind you, I did not think there was anything wring with yours.
Your rooms look like you can just walk in and order a tea (or a drink).
I too love the picture that shows all the finished rooms together, in that picture you can clearly see it is a house built with a plan in mind.Erm.. and about M&R... told you so :)

John said...[Reply]

Hi, Gee!

Thank you very much, my dear! How is your inlay veneer work coming?

Troy said...[Reply]

Love all of the moody light shots. You have a great piece of property there!

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Troy! Wish I could get out and find a stash of fabulous miniatures at some estate sale, like you seem to be able to do so well!

Philip said...[Reply]

Your work is very impressive, you have really captured the period, both on color palette and details. Truly inspiring for all of us.

Steinworks said...[Reply]

I love it I luv it I luvee it! and that light through the doorway is very "close encounters of the 3rd kind" Mr Spelburg? (SP) would be proud to have that frontroom in his movie!

Marisa :)

Andy said...[Reply]

Hi John, I missed your last post for some reason, and saw this new one last night, but wanted to get another look at all those lovely new photos before I made any comments.

Firstly, with reference to the last post, the dining room looks fantastic, how quickly it all seems to have come together! the furniture goes well with the fine wallpaper and the fire place and over mantle look really good too, I like the recess as well, and the lighting finishes the room off perfectly too.

More great photos in this post too, how you spoil us all! The light behind the door gives a slightly spooky look, but is very effective! It's nice to see the exterior again too, and I really like the view of all the rooms together, it's good to see how much you have done. I notice that the decrators have moved upstairs again, and look forward to seeing progress there very soon.

Big bear hugs

Andy xxxx

John said...[Reply]

Hi, Andy!

Your good opinion means the world to me --thank you so much! Looking forward to your next art history lesson...

Hey, Marisa!

Close Encounters --not E.T! Ooops!

Hi, Philip!

And welcome to my blog. Thank you, I'm glad you like my work.

Anna said...[Reply]


This is incredibly detailed work - it looks just like a full-sized mansion.

Bravo, and looking forward to more.

John said...[Reply]

I appreciate your compliments, Anna, thank you and stay tuned...

ShinyNewThing said...[Reply]

I covered my raw wood edges by purchasing some good quality solid coloured scrapbooking paper (heavier than normal printer paper) in a 'wood' colour, and cutting strips to the exact width of the uprights. I then applied solvent based glue (like UHU or Bostik) to the upright wall edge, and pressed the thick paper strip onto the edge making sure to press down all the edges so no gaps. The paper is thin enough that it doesn't interfere with my door closing. Depending on how tightly your door closes, you might be able to use thin veneer strips instead.

Irene said...[Reply]

Your pictures are great, John. I'm very impressed!

Glad to see that you mastered the Pretty Pleater, the curtains look good and it's nice to see the rooms in relation to one another.

John said...[Reply]

So great to see you out & about again, Irene! (I used the 'flower' setting, as you suggested --thanks, my dear)! :)

Hi, ShinyNewThing! THANK you for the tip --that is sort of what I thought would work, and your confirmation gives me the courage to go ahead with finishing off those edges. Cheers!

Ascension said...[Reply]

Un fantastico trabajos, lleno de increibles detalles.
Me encanta cada una de las salas.
besitos ascension

John said...[Reply]

Hola, Ascension!

Me alegra mucho que te gusten mis habitaciones - muchas gracias por sus amables palabras!


Giac said...[Reply]

Hello again John,

Every picture looks like a magazine shot of a real room. I don't know what else to say except that your work always impresses, inspires and enchants me! You are a wonderful miniaturist!
To quote one of the shows from my youth: Outrageous...truly, truly truly outrageous!
All the best my friend!
Your biggest fan,