Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Stuff!

Finally the heatwave broke, as a line of thunderstorms rolled through the parched prairies of Minnesota along with the corresponding cold-front.  The windows were thrown open, the perpetual whir of electric fans ceased and once again the neighbors congregated on their front porches, no longer confined to their air-conditioned prisons.  No miniature projects for me today!  Who knows how long the reprieve will last?

But still I couldn't resist opening the few packages that arrived this week and play with my new acquisitions!  Two more Monticello Collection chairs arrived --I'm picking them up as I can afford to-- only a few more to go!  I did decide to shorten the legs on the oval-backed chairs so they match up better with the square-back chairs and I'm glad I did because they make much better sense together as a 'suite' being the same height.

My art collection is growing exponentially as new frames arrived from DeJoux Miniatures over in North Carolina-way.  I have ordered from DeJoux several times and have always been pleased with their service. Unfortunately, this time around one of the items they sent was not the one I had ordered.  But almost as soon as I pushed the 'send' button on my email to them, the problem had quickly been resolved by Charlie, their crack customer service honcho. Sadly, this is a rarer and rarer occurrence nowadays so thanks a mill, Charlie!

I realized that what I really should be doing instead of playing with artwork and furniture is figuring out what lighting I need.  For one thing, I'm getting tired of having to keep wrestling with all the bits and pieces that haven't been glued down!  So I'm constantly having to reach in and push walls and moldings back into their proper place.  Can't really glue anything down until the wiring is set, and I had a little epiphany a while back because I think perhaps I'm putting too many lights in my rooms!  All of the other rooms have twenty or more bulbs burning...  In each room.  But I sort of like the music room with only a chandelier it really true that sometimes 'less is more?'  How can this be?  But I suppose it would look unbalanced if all the other rooms are conspicuously set ablaze while this one is not.  Oh, well! Another thing to ponder...

I'm so excited because I went spinet-shopping this week with Andy from Dolls' Houses and Miniatures!  Andy is the absolute arbiter of period style and I'm desperately trying to cajole him into putting all his design-history blog posts into a book!  So far, he's not having it --but he did take the time out from his busy career stalking Ben Cohen to steer me toward this little beauty (above, left). It's from Masters Miniatures, the same husband-and-wife duo that did my dining room furniture.  It will be centered on the wall opposite of the fireplace, an arrangement Andy also approved.  We both agree that the spinet simply must be flanked by candelabras, a la Liberace.  (But should they be working candelabra)?  Details, details...  Thank you, Andy, hope you & David enjoy the Olympics!  ;)


Gosia Suchodolska said...[Reply]

John, I've just found your blog. Great miniatures, beautiful photos, lots of talent. Thanks for sharing your passion.

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Gosia and welcome to Merriman Park!

Iris March said...[Reply]


I just LOVE this music room! Those chairs are lovely and good about shortening the legs. Love the spinet. Actually, I would have thought that the music room would need lots of light so that the musicans could read the music.

I just love Andy's posts and he does has great info and has "style".

Also, Charles is great. Any problem is immediately solved and he is the owner and a womderful person.

Cheers and enjoy your good weather,

John said...[Reply]

Hey, Iris! Thanks, you're right, the musicians WILL need lots of light --didn't think about it that way...

miraclechicken said...[Reply]

This music room is just gorgeous! Very inspiring--So glad Venus is no longer eluding you...
((( {:>= )))


John said...[Reply]

LOL! Thanks, M.C.!

Gee said...[Reply]

lovely, lovely room... and you are so right about the height of the chairs!
Perhaps you should try and see about the lighting... You won't see the house only in summer in bright daylight... on the other hand, judging by the picture, this seems to be enough light; not overdone, just right.
Very hard to get a nice spinet.. congrats to you that you found this lovely piece!
I plan to make my own harpsicord in future but that could be years from now.
I hope you will still have lots of beautiful days this summer, enjoy!
Big hug,

John said...[Reply]

Hi Gee!

How's your holiday going? Trying to enjoy the remaining summer --I've noticed that it's no longer light when I wake for work :( Wish I could make my own harpsichord!

Hugs Back,

Gee said...[Reply]

Holiday is going great but too fast, thanks for asking! I could get used to this life :D
Yes, the days are already shortening, why can't it always just be a good temperature.
Owh, I know, I would be doing nothing all year long then ;)
You have done so much work on your Merriman Park this summer, you just deserve some beautiful weather weeks at least!
Wish I could make my own harpsichord too LOL.
I am afraid I am always rather over-optimistic on forehand about making things
have fun, dear friend

elvira said...[Reply]

Bellissime miniature!!! Mi piace tanto la stanza dei quadri ..!!! Stupenda!!!

John said...[Reply]

Grazie, Elvira!
Sono molto contento che ti piace la mia camera. Grazie anche per seguire il mio blog!
Grandi abbracci,

Fi.P said...[Reply]

This is the second time in a week that Liberace has been mentioned.....I had forgotten all about him till now!

Andys knowledge of period style is amazing John, you and I are both agree on the book thing too, i have also suggested it!

The spinet is just lovely and will look perfect in your room and the candelabras are a must. That is quite a collection of paintings and I think the gold frames are complimented beautifully with the blue wall paper.

All in all the room is a stunner!!

ML Fi xx

John said...[Reply]

Hi Fi!

Liberace kind of scared me and whenever I see a clip of him --I remember why.

Maybe if we both nag him, Andy will cave and get his future bestseller published?

Thanks for the sweet comments, darling!

Josje said...[Reply]

Well no wonder you were a bit scared of Liberace...that plastic face! But the rest of him is just hilarious, a great clip! But what was that maid in miniscule skirt doing in that clip?
So, candelabras? Yes absolutely! They don't have to be working ones. But if you do get working ones and the light gets too bright , just use a 9 or 6 volt transformer (instead of 12 volts) to dim the lights a little, it may look great (and will dramatically increase the life of your bulbs as a bonus).

The room looks fantastic. I love the colours and all of the paintings and the chairs. I really like the spinet although the legs look a bit heavy to me. But I'm sure you will make it look fabulous.

John said...[Reply]

Thanks for the lighting tip, Josje. I always wondered if there was some sort of dimmer available?

Doesn't it look like Liberace could remove his face like a mask? Eeeuu!

Giac said...[Reply]

Hello John,
I just love new stuff!
The music room is really coming along and is just wonderful. The artwork and the furniture are spot on and everything just screams extravaganza eleganza, in a very modest way!
As for the lighting I think less bulbs might create a very warm charm in this room. Did you ever consider using working coals in the fireplace...perhaps less candlelight with a fireplace glow could work in this room. One way or the other, you've never messed up yet so I know whatever decision you make will work perfectly.
Damn your good!
Big hug my friend,

John said...[Reply]

Hey, Honey Badger!

At 3/4," I don't think I made my chases wide enough to accommodate a 'working' grate :( but I should look into that. Back when I designed the house, I was under the perhaps mistaken notion that it wasn't 'correct' to have burning coals because Mrs. Thorne of the Thorne Rooms fame never used them in her work. What did I know? I've learned a lot since then!

LOVE your eleganza comment --it reminded me of one Marge Simpson once made: "That just SCREAMS 'good taste!"

Daydreamer said...[Reply]

Hi John! This Room is just getting Better and Better! I LOVE the spinet and think the candelabras should be lit.... but maybe the dimmer idea is a good one! I have recently discovered some of those twelve plug strips that have a Switch on each plug.... so you could have all your lights working... but not necessarily all on at once! I plan to try this in the Cupboard House soon... well, as soon as I get back out of Mini-mini land! LOL!!!
I haven't ordered any great frames for art.... but you sure are finding some Beauties! Keep up the Great Work!

John said...[Reply]

It didn't even occur to me that I don't have to have all the lights on at the same time --duh! Thanks, Betsy! I have to mention that I just saw your latest post and I LOVE those teeny-weeny windows and doors you're making!

Irene said...[Reply]

This room has come together so well and almost overnight too. As a fellow spinet owner I love it. MM made me a slighly smaller one to fit the space I had - how obliging is that?

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Irene!

The Masters' are SO accommodating --they are making my spinet 'mirror-reverse' so the keyboard will face the front-opening of my house. How cool is that?

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...[Reply]

Great music room and I agree about the height of the chairs. Good musicians know their work by heart, but and less light gives nice ambiance, either way will be beautiful.

Thanks too for the Liberace video. Does it seem like people/stars of today have less character? There was a certain gravitas even in the absurd back then. Where is grace? Now we have spectacle, but not panache. (sigh) Sorry for the rant!

John said...[Reply]

I whole-heartedly agree with your astute assessment regarding the so-called 'stars' of today! Thanks for commenting, TAFKAP, seen any good musicals, lately? lol

Erik Goddard said...[Reply]

Looking great! I have found some chairs you may be interested in that would fit in nicely in this house...

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Erik! --Now I am intrigued about those chairs :)

Andy said...[Reply]

Hello John

Finally able to leave a comment after so many days away!

Firstly, WOW! wha a great room you are creating here! The chairs really do look great, still planning to re-upholster them?

I knew about the spinette of course, and think it's a lovely piece!! it HAS to be flanked by candelabra a la Liberace! Rude not to!

And thank you for all your kind words about me and my blog, You've certainly been a big supporter from the very beginning, so Thanks once again for all your interest and advice! Now, you might actually have planted a seed in my mind regarding the book idea, but we shall see!!

See you have a further post so going to have a look now!!

Andy xxxxx

akissfromthepast said...[Reply]

oh my! htis is one of those interiors that i would love to have in my home :) :) you are very talented whit beautiful interior design!!

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, akissfromthepast!


Did you have a nice holiday? Thanks for your help in picking out the spinet --it's already on its way, and they were able to make it 'mirror-reversed.' And also en route is the Susan Bembridge fabric for the chairs...

What?! You're thinking about the book idea? That is GREAT news! :)