Monday, July 8, 2013

The Master Bedchamber--Revealed!

At last...the Master Bedchamber is finished!  Well, a dollhouse room is never completely finished, is it?

The decor reflects the 'modern,' Empire trend, which was coming into fashion at the beginning of the 19th century.
Things are still arriving in the mail.  The other day, these lovely, hand-turned, ebony wood urns turned up...
I think they look terrific on the mantle.  They were made by an artist in Arizona who goes by 'Oppie.' I found him on Ebay and asked if he would make a pair of the urns you see (he only had a single) and he explained that he couldn't make an exact, matched set because of the small scale. But when I told him it didn't matter to me that they were perfectly matched, he immediately went to work and produced the set you see above. The tops, turned from Osage Orange, are removable. (BTW: they are drop-dead gorgeous and I can't tell the difference between the two)!  Thanks, Oppie!

The swagged curtains turned out so well --I thought-- that I made a full-scale version for my 'Real Life' powder room! Next, I'm going to attempt to make a 'RL' pelmet for my bed --why should dolls have all the glamor?

What do you think of the cushions I made for the window seats?  I also stitched all the bedding. The mini-patterned fabrics were found at the Chicago show.  Well, the white coverlet I made from an old table runner I almost tossed because it had a red wine stain on it. No, I did not do the diamond patterned stitching --it came that way. I'm not the 'hoarding' type but recently, everything I once threw out with impunity gets the once-over!  Spooky. Speaking of stitching, believe it or not, I am going to try and petitpoint a seat covering for the chair --so wish me luck on that endeavor because I've never tried petitpoint before! We will have to revisit this subject at a later time...
My wardrobe closet is stuffed chock-full with fashionable clothing from Italy.  No, not Gucci, Pucci, or Fiorucci! They were made by Paola, of Paola & Sara, who also made the duo of devastatingly, handsome dolls who reside in Merriman Park. I feel so lucky to have my armoire stocked with bespoke Italian ensembles!  (More on that subject, later)... 

On top of the wardrobe is the aforementioned hatbox, also from the Chicago show. It reads: Dunn & Co. Hat Makers. London.  The vase of jonquils is from non-other than Martha McLean, whom I had the great honor and pleasure of meeting in person while in the Windy City. Her floral work is just superb. (Spring had barely sprung when I picked up these seasonal favorites and now that summer is in full-force I might need to go back and get some lilies or roses or something)!
A few more items of clothing from Paola: velvet-lapeled jacket, red silk waistcoat, buff-colored pants and silk cravat. All the drawers in the room are filled, too.  I've got stockings, gloves, folded shirts, garters, handkerchiefs, unmentionables --you name it!  If you look hard, you can sort of make out the diminutive slippers and shoes Paola made in the lower, toile-papered drawer. Isn't everything just too cute for words?
I'm still trying to find/make things for the vanity table.  The framed silhouette is one of a pair, vintage 1950's Grandmother Stover pieces. The mirror is by Jim Coates. 
I have some framed, architectural prints in the room --does anyone recognize this particular one?
 Last but not least, check out the opera pumps made by Sylvia Rountree of The Doll's Cobbler.  (They're on the rug).  Sylvia gave them to me as a present at the Chicago show and they are one of my favorite things in the whole house!
Well, I guess that's the Master Bedchamber!  Thank you, everyone, for all your comments along the way. I've been asked what my next project will be and to be honest --I'm not sure. I have a lot of ideas so it's just a matter of picking one out. So, you haven't seen the last of me.  Just go ahead and try getting rid of me.  I am a one-hundred and seventy pound boomerang, darlings! I have a few more Merriman Park posts in store and then I think I might branch off and start a new blog --so stay tuned!

Someone recently asked on their blog "what kind of music do you listen to while doing miniatures," and I had to laugh because I usually listen to classical music, not the cheesy pop I have been posting. (Not that there is anything wrong with that)! Then I remembered that one of my absolute favorite classical pieces was in a movie I had once seen: Farinelli, il Castrato.  So I looked it up ...and found it!  Anyway, I hope you like Lascia ch'io pianga as much as I do...
CONFIDENTIAL TO SIMON (if you're reading): Check out the baroque theater in the video. It's so you!


Giac said...[Reply]

Hello John,
I recently bought a book about Chatsworth House, and I swear this bedchamber looks as real and as elegant as those in the book. The room itself is phenomenal! the paper, the fabrics. Everything works so well together, yet everything stands out. Your sewing skills are wonderful. And as if the gorg room was not enough, you have an incredible talent for accessorising...after all, what separates us from animals is our ability to accessorise...or so I have heard! I also think you chose the perfect furniture! Wow, wow and wow again! Your rooms are so full and yet always have a simple elegance to them. All I have to say, congratulations my friend, you are one incredible artist, and an awesome miniaturist. Shante, you stay!
Big hug,

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Giac/Honey Badger! I have to say your comments and inspiration over the years have kept me going and for that, I am truly obliged to you. I'm glad you like the room and that you managed to quote Dolly AND RuPaul! Now, I must sashay...away.

Linda Carswell said...[Reply]

Thank you for allowing us to visit your GORGEOUS room, it is simply stunning!!! It is always a pleasure to visit your blog.

miraclechicken said...[Reply]

Well worth the wait! I've always been partial to window seats with big comfortable pillows, you did a great job :)The bedroom is wonderful---

PILAR6373 said...[Reply]

Una habitación impresionante,no solo por lo real que parece si no por la conjunción de tonos,telas,accesorios...todo está en su debido lugar y el conjunto es todo un lujo para la vista!!!!
Maravilloso trabajo.

La casa de Elisa said...[Reply]

felicidades gusta hasta el ultimo detalle ¡¡...un beso

BLANCHE said...[Reply]

Ti scrivo in Italiano, senza usare Google Traslate come aiuto. Quanta Italia qui! Sembra che ti piaccia. Paola&Sara,....Farinelli....mi fa piacere!!! Anche a me questo film è rimasto nel cuore e Stefano Dionisi, l'attore che interpreta Farinelli, è assolutamente superbo.

The Old Maid said...[Reply]

When I saw your first photo in this post I thought what a Beautiful room! And so it is! There are only things to love! I love the colours in your bedchamber, the diamond-stich-cover on the bed, the curtains. And your stiching is faaaar faaar better than mine! I can only say I am waiting for your petitpointed seat covering, John.:)
It is beautiful room, makes me thinking of making more than pieces of furniture.:)
Big hug

Pedrete said...[Reply]

Hi John!

Details of the bedroom are really lovely, especially the bed canopy. I also hope that this is not the last post of your blog. During this time I have enjoyed your work and hope to continue to do so.

A big hug and congratulations on this magnificent house you've got!

Wyrna Christensen said...[Reply]

I love your Master Bedchamber. It is so tastefully. I love that you have added black and white. Your curtains are so beautiful. There is just the right width of your stripes, which make it so beautiful and elegant. I love the two cozy window seat plates. Your mattress is so well fitted. The whole wall with windows are so beautiful to look at.

I have looked at your pictures again and again. It is so nice. It must be amazing to be able to make something so beautiful. I'm impressed and a lot of respect from me.
Thanks for showing something some thing so beautiful.

Elizabeth S said...[Reply]

Hello John! Your bedroom is Architectural Digest in Miniature! Really; a Faultless room in every way! I adore the solid butter yellow with the graphic black and white stripes and the way that you have repeated the colors and the patterns softly and then Boldly in various parts of the room. The mix of the patterns with the wall coverings is also handled very skillfully. Your accessories are top of the line but nothing is screaming 'Look at me' or trying to hog the limelight. Your filled wardrobe is a Fabulous touch and the lined and filled upper and lower sections of the wardrobe is the Finishing Touch to an already eye-catching and masterfully executed room! How about a close up of the contents so that we can see them laid out ready for the Master of the house to change into!? That would work for me!


Elga said...[Reply]

Oh, my gosh, John...... your bedroom is absolutely STUNNING!!!!!!

There are just too many details to comment on them all, but your sewing is fantastic, I think you shouldn't have any problems with petit point and you know enough of us to ask for help and do consider joining the petitpointers Yahoo group, they are a great group of people, after all I am one of them ;-)

And the architectural print, I am sure it must be Merriman Park!

Ilona said...[Reply]

WOW John, it was well worth waiting for this room, it is amazing. I love the color scheme you used and all the details in this room are so elegant and tasteful!! Fantastic work!
A new blog, what happens with this blog??
Hugs, Ilona

Anna said...[Reply]

Perfection - like an exquisite dessert ending a sumptuous meal. The striped curtains really pull the room together!

Love the cushions, love the bedding, love every little detail. And since the Craftsman house is going to have real closets, now I might have to fill them with something from Paola & Sara too...

The Bedchamber was well worth the wait. You should feel very proud.

Steinworks said...[Reply]

OMG I love it, I'm going to spend the day here looking at all your photos! this is what my bedroom looks like (in my mind it looks like this in real life it's little better than an opium den) this was worth waiting for!


gotta go I'm heading back to look at everything again :)

Daydreamer said...[Reply]

Oh My OH MY! Where to start! John, this Room is just unbelievably Elegant and Beautiful and filled with mini Treasures too luscious for Words!!!! The wardrobe filled with Clothes!!! It makes my mini wardrobe attempts seem so Incomplete! I LOVE the framed drawings on the wall... was that your inspiration drawing for Merriman Park??? I also LOVE the tone you accomplish with this shift toward the Empire sensibilities... Heaver, darker, more masculine... but with just the right touch of Glitter and Refinement!!! I cannot express how much I admire your dedication to a Vision... a theme... a plan... and your ability to pull it all together and make it all look SO REAL! This House is just a Fantastic Accomplishment... I want to keep coming back here to visit the perfection of these rooms!!!
I am SO GLAD you will not be disappearing... and I Really can't wait to see what your next project will be.... but really, it will be hard to top Merriman Park in my humble opinion!

Catherine said...[Reply]

John, This room is GORGEOUS!!! I love everything about it. The window seats and the pillows you made. The wallpaper you used and the fabrics for the curtains. Your taste is always elegant and full of style. Merriman Park is one of my top 10 favorite dollhouses. YES, that means of all the ones I have ever seen.
I am happy to hear you still have some small projects to share with us for the house. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Melissa Boling said...[Reply]

Everything is so beautiful, and all the little details could keep me studying the photos for hours. I so wish I could see it person! You'll do fine with the chair, if I can get my act together and send you the pattern and gauze. I want to be sure the gauze is the right size so the pattern isn't too big or too small for the chair seat. I love music from the Baroque period - there's something so soothing about the harmonies.

Troy said...[Reply]

Hi John, the room looks great and you have so many fascinating details - I especially like the architectural print - Isn't it the elevation of Merriman Park? Genius! Your fabric work is very inspiring too - everything from the bedding to the curtains and the window seat are all ideas that I will have to "borrow" I would like to see a night time shot with the the room lights on? Keep up the good work - Troy

Yolanda Morán said...[Reply]

Impresionante, una maravilla de trabajo, toda la habitación esta preciosa, no le falta ningún detalle, y todo esta en el sitio perfecto.
Un abrazo.

The grandmommy said...[Reply]

My gracious this is beautiful. I always feel regal when looking at your work!
The music is touching. I just bought a collection of classical music. As a former violinist...I can truly appreciate it.
Tell me, what do you think of this guy?

Fi.P said...[Reply]

Hello my lovely,

I almost feel a little sad at the thought of Merriman Park coming to an end, I have spent the last two years being completely inspired by what goes on here. I love your new banner photo, your chaps look very happy up there with the final stage of their restoration, they look like they are waving goodbye...: ( Snif,snif.....
All that aside, you look like you have had so much fun gathering all your pieces for the Bedchamber, so many goodies and beautiful touches, the room is full of John magic. I do feel excited at the prospect of your new project....I wonder what it will be???? Please don't make me sing that torrid little song, My Boomerang wont come back......hurry back soon.

Congrats on your completion!!!

Much love and big hugs, Fi XXX

Gee said...[Reply]

Hi John!
So much to comment on and such a little place to comment in... maybe I'll get back to you on this room later.
You did rise the expectations on this room sky high and made it more than true (is that proper English?).

Love the mix and match of fabrics, patterns and colors, like so many others mentioned too.
And all the little treasures that make it so 'real'.

You are so right, you should spoil yourself too instead of only the dolls; after all, life's a party!
I think this bedchamber is very you and you did a superb job.

The sewing you did looks amazing, no doubt the petit point will be easy peasy for you.
The clip you showed us is beautiful (as well as the boy/man in it :-P ).

I too have noticed the men of Merriman Park changed position and look very satisfied ;)

I will have to let these pics sink in, I know I will be looking at this post for many times to come.
Chapeau, John!!


MiniLover said...[Reply]

John, you have filled this room (and every other in MP) with so many exquisite details--so much to see, absorb, and admire--all at once. Well done, my friend. A real feast for the eyes! My favorite part of the room is the window seat for some odd reason. A great place to curl up with a book or stare at the moors?

Giac is right, it looks like a room out of Chatsworth, which I had the pleasure of visiting 2 years ago.


Philip said...[Reply]

John, the bedroom is wonderful- I love the color palette and play on scale of all the patterns.
The photographs of light streaming in the windows
makes the window seats so enticing- I could spend the day there with a good book!
I look forward to seeing your next project,

minifleur said...[Reply]

This is an absolutely stunning bedroom! The details are incredible! Your draperies, bed and window seat have inspired me to get to work on the bed for my bed-sitting room that is one of my many "works in progress."
Have a wonderful summer - looking forward to more inspiring posts,

Norma said...[Reply]

OMG!! It's breathtaking! I don't know where to look first. What luck you didn't throw the table runner away, it's repurposed so beautifully. All your artisan purchases are amazing and combine to create the most wonderful scene.

Good luck with your RL projects, you're nothing if not ambitious! :)

Margaret said...[Reply]

Love everything about your bed chamber and I am sure your RL bed curtains will look equally dramatic,you will feel like a movie star with a bed like that. Must go back for another look.

Lucille said...[Reply]

Hi John! I have been admiring your room for a few days now! It's such a special room. Strange to say but among all this exceptional decor, what attracts me the most is the combination of black and white striped and checked fabric. It is such a captivating combination. Stripes and checks are such simple patterns, yet what they contribute to this room is a certain element of sophistication and to my way of seeing things,these two patterns pull everything together. I have admired all the other special touches you have added in the form of all those lovely accessories scattered about. My only regret about this house is that you do not have a kitchen. Why did you not make a kitchen, John? I am curious to see what sort of kitchen you could create. Perhaps your next project could be a kitchen in whatever period you choose. I know the kitchens of those great houses were huge and located in the basements.

I once visited Malmaison and they said the kitchen was in the basement but we were not allowed down there, unfortunately. I don't think it was even renovated. Is it now? I don't know. Think about this, John. A kitchen project! I could not watch your video. It's barred in my country. said...[Reply]

You are such an artiste! And I just love the bedding and the window seat.

Nice, nice work!


Karin Corbin said...[Reply]


Patty said...[Reply]

John, what a stunning room! This whole house is really incredible. I have sent a link to Madelva from Miniaturas Magazine. She loves publishing gorgeous doll houses. Maybe she has spotted you already but I would personally love to get one of my issues and see Merriman Park in all of its glory. Is there anyway you would consider taking a photo of the whole house from a distance to get a glimpse of the size? I would love to see it.
What is next?? Exciting to think about your next project!

Andy said...[Reply]

Hi John,

I must say that I have been awaiting this post from you with mixed feelings, keen to see the bedroom in all its fabulous glory (and it doesn't disappoint there!!) but also a little sad that was the last room in the house to be decorated. I'm pleased to hear that it isn't quite all from Merriman Park, but I shall miss seeing it develop.

I think you should get a bit of cabinet making in now, something stunning for Merriman Park to stand on!! (maybe with a kitchen!!) ;o)

Anyway, the bedroom is charming, very stylish and simply gorgeous!! the drapes the furnishings the pictures all work so well together. I have been redecorating my RL bedroom over the past couple of weeks, but it looks no where near as lovely as yours in Merriman Park!!

Andy xxx

Evelyne Martin said...[Reply]

What a magnificent room! So realistic it made me feel transported in time to a full size room in the beginning of the 19th century.

Congratulations on your fantastic work!

Josje said...[Reply]

Oh John, this is absolutely gorgeous! Everything came together so perfectly, all the colours, the patterns, the shapes, the lighting...I just love that second photo, with the sun hitting the wall!

I can imagine you want to enjoy some of that luxury full scale as well ;-)

Irene said...[Reply]

Well John, it's taken me long enough but here I am! Love the room! You've outdone yourself with this one and I'm very impressed with the fact that you've filled the drawers etc. I love that.

The architectural drawings hadn't gone unnoticed - that's a lovely touch and a great idea.

Is it possible to see the whole of the interior now that you've got this far?

Miniaturas y vintage said...[Reply]

Congratulation! The master bedchamber is a good job.