Monday, September 9, 2013

Merriman Park in Miniaturas Magazine!

This is a four-page centerfold!
This just landed in my mailbox, today!  I can't believe they threw it together so fast --in July they asked if they could do a story on Merriman Park for next September but who'da thunk it would be this September? Many of the photos are even ones I took, myself --taken right from the blog!  I guess maybe I'm not such a hack photographer, after all?  (The best ones were taken by my friend, Eric Lindahl --thanks, Eric)!

The best part?  I AM A CENTERFOLD!!!

Sorry for gushing, you guys, but this is, like, MAJOR! Eight pages, no ads! SWEET!

OK, I'll stop, now.  Sorry. How utterly RUDE of me, especially since I've been on hiatus all summer and have so terribly neglected everyone.  ...Well, I look forward to 'catching up' and will be back real soon to let you know what I did on my 'summer blog-cation.'


Catherine said...[Reply]

WOO HOO John! How very exciting. The layout is BEAUTIFUL! It is also one of the most beautiful dollhouses EVER! Congratulations! I am so very excited for you. It is more then well deserved!!!!!!!!

How do I get a copy???? Did they translate any of it for you into English. What a drag not to be able to read the article (if that is the case0 Maybe you do read Spanish.

I am THRILLED to bits for you!!!

Catherine OXOXOX

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Catherine! I am trying to translate the text as we speak --er, type! Miniaturas is available at fine bookstores and miniatures shops everywhere --or you can go to them via the internets, I guess. Thanks again!

Simon said...[Reply]

John! I'm so thrilled for you, CONGRATULATIONS!!
Merriman Park looks wonderful, and the pictures are a credit to you. We're all so proud of you, we'll done

Margaret said...[Reply]

A big Congratulations John, The article would be a dream for editors as your photographs were all so fabulous. Seeing it like that really shows how much work has gone into it, your summer break was well deserved!

Linda Carswell said...[Reply]

This is MAJOR!!!!! Congratulation, the article looks so beautiful!!! Wow.....centerfold and not an inch of skin in!!!!!

John said...[Reply]

Hi Linda! My Playgirl days are long past. But thanks for the compliment!

John said...[Reply]

SIMON! OMG, you're back, too! I am SO glad! I missed you so much! Thank you for writing --I look forward to catching up with you.

John said...[Reply]

@Margaret: A big thank you!

Daydreamer said...[Reply]

OOOH LA LA!!! Congratulations John!!!
Of course, Merriman Park is VERY Worthy of Centerfold Status!!! What a joy to see it all so well displayed!
And Now I want to know what you've been doing???
It's really nice to see this post! :)

Catherine said...[Reply]

Grrr i am trying to order copies online and I can't find them. Most of our book stores have vanished. There is hardly anywhere to buy GOOD magazines now. If anyone finds copies on line PLEASE come over to my blog and leave me a message on my last post letting me know where to buy one. :-(

John said...[Reply]

Betsy! OMG, I missed you, too! I am anxious to see your treehouse and all the other projects you have going on! Thanks for the compliments.

Léa said...[Reply]

Congratulations, John!
It is well deserved, your house is wonderful and I'm not at all surprised that it was spotted by Madelva for Miniaturas. :) Have a nice week. Léa

Brad said...[Reply]

Congratulations, John. What a wonderful and terrific way to have your excellent work honored. Yay! I hope you are surviving the Minneapolis heat wave! What's the next big miniatures project for you?

miraclechicken said...[Reply]

WAY TO GO John!!!!! Awesome :) OH yeah I know you are centerfold material HA Seriously this is wonderful, a beautiful article, very fitting of your excellent work. I'm so glad I was along for the ride---

Iris March said...[Reply]

Oh John, how abs. fab.!!!!!

You deserve it -- your work is an inspiration --- I just love it! And to think, I knew you when!

Now, you must start on your next mini -- no rest for you now.

Love and hugs and kisses

John said...[Reply]

Linda, your exquisite 'foot-warmer' is my prized possession. Everyone who sees it can't believe the detail and craftsmanship. I count myself extremely blessed to have an artist of your caliber following my blog.

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Iris! I just saw what you were up to and I have to say I LOVE your new mini family! And I'm glad to know you from 'back in the day,' too, lol!

Cheers & cocktail kisses,

John said...[Reply]

I appreciate your compliments, Brad. I will soon disclose my latest project which I am SO excited about...

Catherine said...[Reply]

LATEST PROJECT!!! OMG! i am so excited. I was afraid you were going to vanish. What a relief.

I have gotten a copy of the magazine sorted out now. Thanks to all for their kind help and offers.

Jeri Elsner said...[Reply]

The article turned out beautifully! Congratulations, is well deserved.

minwks said...[Reply]

Dear John, warmest congratulations on your centerfold spread ... Great photos! Your excitement is contagious. So nice that you have been acknowledged in print for your wonderful work.
Regards Janine

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Jeri and Janine!

BLANCHE said...[Reply]

Che bellissimo articolo! Vien voglia anche a me di acquistare una copia di Miniaturas! Ma con tutto lo splendido lavoro che c'è in Merriman Park non c'era da stupirsi che ne sarebbe venuto fuori qualcosa di grandioso.

Indy_Poppy said...[Reply]

Well Done You! What a success. The photos look fantastic.

Wyrna Christensen said...[Reply]

Congratulations John, you have so much deserved to show Merriman Park in the Spanish magazine.

You can boast so much, it's absolutely amazing and so so nice with 8 center pages. I will boast so much that I "know" you.

It is something special that you have made so special and so thoroughly beautiful. You are also a good photographer.

Es maravilloso precioso

Enjoy your success, you have so much deserved it. But I am excited to see what you will come up whit.


Elga said...[Reply]

Congratulations, John, the article looks great and the photos are really beautiful! It is great to see all the rooms together like this, your work surely deserves this recognition.

And welcome back to blogland, you have been missed :-)

Patty said...[Reply]

((((John))))) Congratulations! It came out so wonderful! My issue came today in the mail too and I loved the layout. It is so nice to have a physical copy of your photos to stare at. Miniaturas is the most incredible miniature magazine because of the quality of the work featured and also th large glossy photos. Yours were perfect! I can't wait to see what you are creating next! Well done! How nice to be able to brag about the fact that you were a

Elizabeth S said...[Reply]

Hi John! What an great honor and what a great spread! I don't think that I have ever seen the full color exterior shot of Merriman Park until just now! It is so beautiful! Just as classy outside as it is,inside! Miniaturas magazine is such a high quality publication and although the text is in Spanish, the vivid color photos and the quality of the paper more than compensates for the language barrier. I am delighted that you have such recognition John, you deserve it 100%!!!! Congratulations!


Fi.P said...[Reply]

Hello my lovely,

What excitement!! Enormous congratulations to you, I'm so proud, I have to rush out and GET THAT MAG!!!!
And centerfold to boot, the pictures look amazing, you couldn't be more deserving and I hope this inspires you to start a new project.

I have to admit to being a little flat in the miniatures department, I don't know whats happened but my mojo just got up and left me...: (

I hope to get it back soon, well done you!!


Josje said...[Reply]

OMG what a fantastic spread! Especially the centerfold, but hey isn't that always the case ;-)
Congratulations John, your work and your gorgeous house are worth all the attention and praise it gets. Enjoy!!! I'll see if I can get my hands on a copy here.

Josje said...[Reply]

PS: I can read the article when I open it up in a new window! I'll have to take my time though, Spanish is not my strong point ;-)

Ilona said...[Reply]

Hi John, WOOOOOW, what an exciting news: Merriman Park in the Centerfold Status, what an honor and so deserved, enjoy!!! Your house is so beautiful, distinguished and is definately worthy to be published.
I have missed you last summer, now I know you were on summer holiday and the weather is still "good" with heatwaves ;)?? We had them too in our cold froggy land, like we, the Dutch, call our country :D!
Hugs, Ilona

Giac said...[Reply]

Hello John,
Congratulations! The article is just beautiful. Merriman Park really is a masterpiece! You gush all you want! All your hard work paid off big time. Merriman Park is the ultimate extavaganza Eleganza!
Big hug,

The Old Maid said...[Reply]

CONGRATS John!!!!! So well deserved!!!! Happy for you!! Photos are great!
Big hug

John said...[Reply]

WOW! How cool to wake up and find all your lovely compliments in my inbox! I can't respond individually to them,(thanks to an annoying glitch in my blogger account that I can't seem to fix), so I'll just say thank you SO MUCH, to everyone... your advice, encouragement and support have meant the world to me.

Irene said...[Reply]

Applause! Well done and congratulations. It's well deserved. Merriman Park has been a joy to follow and I'm itching to see what you come up with next.

Gee said...[Reply]

Hi John,
Congratulations on this beautiful article and the aknowledgement that comes with it! Enjoy every bit of it, you sure deserve it all.
Reaching such an audience is a dream come true, we all knew it was a matter of time.
I am so happy for you!!
Just you don't forget all the humble strugglers out here :))
big hugs,

The grandmommy said...[Reply]

If not you then who? :-) You are the standard to which we all strive to measure however unlikely.
Congrats to you!!

Pedrete said...[Reply]

¡Hola John!

Creo que ha quedado una publicación maravillosa, la casa se ve magnífica. Estoy deseando que llegue la revista a casa para devorarla, este mes viene llena de maravillas, entre ellas tu estupenda casa de muñecas.

¡Un abrazo enorme!

cunha said...[Reply]

Hello John, its amazing, all details a love your frames, congratulations, great job.

Steinworks said...[Reply]

Oh my Goodness John I couldn't be happier for you I wa sick yesterday with a bad allergy attack it's still bad today but Im so happy to see this I want to look at every photo!! (which is kind of silly since I can just go back and read your blog but Im high on claritin so what the hey)
Congrats to you on the spread it's well deserved! Im your number 1 Fan but not in the creepy Kathy Bates way.

Love and Big Hugs to you
Marisa :)

Evelyne Martin said...[Reply]


What took them so long? :)

Norma said...[Reply]

How totally fabulous John and absolutely deserved because your work is exceptional. Heartfelt congratulations. (And how cool to have bragging rights that you're a Centrefold LOL).

Liduina said...[Reply]

Congratulations, and it's no wonder your work is published :-)
Many people now can enjoy your beautiful work. That is fantastic!

Gee said...[Reply]

Evelyne Martin said...[Reply]

What took them so long? :)

Hahahahahaha, we are all using a lot of words but that sentence captures it all!!


minifleur said...[Reply]

Your centrefold article is fabulous and well deserved! IMO - you are in a category with "the best of the best!" on the miniature scene!

Troy said...[Reply]

Hi John - A Big Congratulations to you. What a great article - you totally deserve this! Sorry I am so late in responding, my real life has been hampering my mini one. Keep up the good work. Troy

AM said...[Reply]

Hey John, Congratz! The article looks amazing. Hug AM

akissfromthepast said...[Reply]

Congratulations! this is wonderful.

Jocelyn said...[Reply]

Congrats and much deserved!

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