Monday, December 21, 2009


Merriman Park has undergone many, many changes in these planning stages. The biggest change was to the portico, which originally jutted out from the main house. I don't want the finished dollhouse to extend more than sixteen inches, due to the fact that I AM ALREADY LIVING IN A DOLLHOUSE! (I suppose putting a dollhouse inside of a dollhouse is sort of redundant, but oh well). Part of the reason I am building this dollhouse is because I have finally come to terms with the rather sad fact that I will NEVER BE ABLE TO BUILD THE REAL THING but I guess a miniature model is sort of a nice conciliation prize.

I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining...I'm just saying. I live in a one-hundred-year-old bungalow and I love, love, love my house to filth. But it is REALLY, REALLY SMALL, so space is at a premium. And I was going to build a floor-to-ceiling bookcase in the space where the dollhouse is now going to sit, which would probably make more sense, I mean for resale value and stuff. I can hear the Realtor right now, "So in this spot, where the current owner has THIS GIANT DOLLHOUSE, you could put a nice, built-in bookcase." My friend Sheri is a Realtor and she is forever telling me these hilarious stories about clients who have these bizarre collections and crap on display and they're trying to actually sell their hideous dump and my friend is all like, "maybe you should store your Thomas Kincaid paintings," and the client is like, "but EVERYONE LOVES the Painter of Light!!!"

So, Sheri darling, if I ever part with my house I swear to god that I WILL STORE the dollhouse. But I digress.

So since the piece can't be more than sixteen inches wide, I thought why not make it sixteen inches wide the whole way across? That will just make the rooms on the ends that much bigger, right? Form follows function!

So anyway, that is why the portico is now suppressed.


Cassandra said...[Reply]

This is the greatest entry I've read about doll houses! I am going to put it in my journal (just private and for me) if you don't mind.

It had me laughing out loud here at work!

We used to live in a tiny bungalow and the dollhouses/shops were the last to be moved, I always wondered what people thought of a room with them in it and nothing else! (the 2nd bedroom had them)
But hey, we sold the house to single guy so it wasn't too awful.

John said...[Reply]

Maybe the single guy who bought your bungalow saw your miniature village and thought, "I could do that, too!"

Nah. He probably hung his widescreen and stashed his beer can collection in there.