Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Special Delivery

So when I arrived home this afternoon there was ANOTHER PACKAGE sitting by the door! My partner and I decided not to exchange Christmas presents, this year --which is fine by me, right? But everyday for the last three weeks there have been one or more parcels waiting for me on my front porch and when I ask about them all I get is "THEY'RE NOT FOR YOU, THEY'RE FROM SANTA FOR THE BOTH OF US!!!"

Hmmm. I thought we were not going to buy a bunch of new, superfluous junk this year, but apparently there are ALL SORTS OF THINGS we are lacking for because all these mysterious packages contain "JUST STUFF WE REALLY NEED."

But the addressee on today's particular box was marked to me. Turns out it was the sample windows and doors I had ordered for Merriman Park!

I wanted to get a look-see before I spend a small fortune on the SEVENTEEN windows I need. My problem is that my dollhouse is going to be brick, and on a real brick house, the windows only have the slightest wooden trim around them (brick molding). And all the ready-made windows have lovely, fancy trim pre-glued to them. So I thought maybe I could just remove the trim real carefully, but after inspecting the windows I realize I can just install them backwards so I can get the narrow trim profile I'm after. Problem solved!


Cassandra said...[Reply]

Having just spent perhaps half of a small fortune on staircases and double doors, I understand.

17 windows in the big 9-over-9 size must have cost a mint!

Iron Chef Kosher! said...[Reply]

Your trick with the windows is blindingly brilliant in it simplicity.