Saturday, January 2, 2010

Entrance Hall

Here is the sketch for Merriman Park's entrance hall (Back wall, with Palladian screen). I plan to use a miniature French Zuber wallpaper, but I am kinda leery of ordering it, as I have been wicked burned in the past with wallpapers --apparently what passes as 1/12th scale wallpaper and 1/24th scale is a little bit fuzzy (to the retailers, at least, especially with scenic papers). I'm afraid my preferred choice will turn out to be too small, but I suppose I could photo-enlarge it, if need be. Still, one would THINK if one was going to SPEND FORTY-FIVE BUCKS on DOLLHOUSE WALLPAPER that it would be good to go. But that 's just me...


Cassandra said...[Reply]

Re the 45 dollars for wallpaper, that is just the way of the dollhouse maker. I haven't spent that much myself but overall, I have on other parts of the houses of my tiny town.

It's a special kind of insanity don't you think, to build in miniature?