Saturday, January 2, 2010

Miniaturist who is MORE FIERCE than you!

This is one of the aforementioned books I received for Christmas. If you have never been to the Art Institute of Chicago, I do highly suggest that you spend a few hours in the Windy City lighting a candle and bowing before the miniature altars created by the Goddess of Miniatures herself, namely, Mrs. James Ward Thorne!

And if an eminent trip to Chi-Town is not in your New Year's cards, I suggest you buy this book! (Good luck finding it, since it was published in 1983). God knows how my long-suffering partner found it, must have been on eBay, or something. But seriously, the photographs in this book of the Divine Ms. Thorne's rooms will MAKE YOU WEEP like a little school-girl, they are THAT GORGEOUS!

I double-dog DARE you to page through this brilliant, paperback edition and NOT feel at least the teensiest bit LIKE A COMMON HACK ! We should all aspire to these heights --lofty as they may be.

And thank you, Mrs. Thorne, for leaving such an inspiring legacy!


Cassandra said...[Reply]

Hear, hear!! WELL SAID!

I saw this book as a teenager in California and never dreamed I'd see them in the flesh, but I have!