Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have been battling a nasty cold for the past week. It's hard doing anything when your head is BLOWN UP TWICE ITS NORMAL SIZE and your nose is running like a leaky spigot!

Think I finally turned the corner since my head is not throbbing nearly as bad today...But here is a foam core mock-up of Merriman Park in 1/2" scale. It looks a little stark without mouldings, cornices, windows, etc. So you will have to use your imagination! I am STILL having a hard time finding pillars that I like in the correct size. (12" pillars with an Ionic base and capital, if anyone reading this knows where I might find them, give me a holler). Actually, I want two engaged (half-round) columns to go on the ends, with two full-round columns in the center. I did find appropriate capitals and bases, but the columns themselves remain elusive. Yes I know I could just use a wooden dowel, but I want the pillars to taper slightly. Guess I'll be firing up the old lathe I've got rusting away in the garage!

As you can see in the second photograph, the two ends are hinged to open out. I have designed the center component to simply "lift out," the hinged portions will keep it in place when closed.

As far as room assignments go, on the ground floor I have the Entrance Hall located in the bottom center --you can see the Palladian screen against the back wall. To the left of this room is the Library, and the Dining Room is on the right. Directly above the Hall is the octagonal Drawing Room (which may turn into the hexagonal Drawing Room, to save space). I keep going back and forth about that one! To the left of this is the Chinoiserie Bedroom, and to the right is the Print Room.

Another change I might be making from my mock-up is that I may have all the fireplaces located on the inside walls and eliminate the chimneys on the outside, end walls. My friend Eric, aka Thing insists on it, and since he is a total expert on Regency Architecture (and absolutely EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE) how can I not listen to his advice?

I ordered all my doors and windows and they will be arriving any day now! I also ordered the fireplace mantle and door surround for the Hall from Sue Cook in England. Can't wait to see them!