Sunday, February 6, 2011

Barnabus Doll in Dollhouse!!!

OMG! I want a Barnabus Collins doll/Action Figure!  Did you catch he even has the silver-handled walking-stick and the black, onyx ring?!  Only, I want my Barnabus in 1/12th scale so he can live in Merriman Park.  There IS a small cellar space under my house, but is it big enough to keep Barnabus' coffin?  I LOVE this guys ham-handed version of Josette's Theme played on the piano (at 1:30). His arrangement is much more complicated than mine --though I was only ten or eleven when I made mine up. (No future Mozart here).  I was rather disappointed in the Josette doll --her dress was a little bit Kountry Kitchen, when Josette's trousseau was supposed to have come from Paris, France and NOT from Walnut Grove, Minnesota.  Seriously, she looked more like Ma Ingals than Josette duPres.  I think with all the clothes available in Barbie's closet, we could have done much better than this ensemble,  um-kay? and can we talk about her hair for a moment?  Two words: UP DO!  But I'm pretty sure that some of these dolls were actual Dark Shadows merchandise available in fine stores everywhere when the series aired back in the day, so you KNOW today they're worth a gazillion dollars.  Speaking of which, I so wanted this game but had to settle for a Ouiji Board, instead:
"Milton Bradley makes the best games in the world and the Barnabus Collins Game is the scariest! So get it!" LOL!


Tom said...[Reply]

OMG! I want a Barnabus doll, too! I love Dark Shadows!!!

Kristen said...[Reply]

You're right about Josette.