Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flemish Bond

I was chomping at the bit at work today to get home and start etching bricks into the facade of Merriman Park. But after working at it for an hour or so I was all like, "Is RuPaul's Drag Race on tonight?"  (And more importantly, will Miss Changela throw another Absolut cocktail on some other queen's face)?   I do recall how in my Holy Bible of Dollhouses, namely: Magnificent Miniatures (see prior post)  the authors, Mulvany and Rogers,  mentioned that etching bricks was a rather tedious chore and I now realize how right they were! 
But they were also right about how magical it is when the bricks emerge and the whole project comes to life!  The photos do NOT do justice, I have to say.  There is a total 3-D effect  in the process that that camera just does not capture.  It will be enhanced when I go back and highlight individual bricks (I hope)! 

In the second photo you can see how much lighter the lower wall is from the unfinished, upper wall.  Which is good, because I was a little worried that the base color was too dark.

I kind of thought I'd get the whole wall finished tonight but --ugh!--  as Miss Scarlet used to say, "Tomorrow is another day!"