Saturday, February 5, 2011

One Side Down, One to Go

Finished the bricks on the left side tonight.  Tedious but strangely gratifying work. I mean, how many times do you toil at something for hours with nothing tangible to show for all your efforts?  As mind-numbing a task as etching 3/16th by 3/4 inch bricks into gesso is, I have to say, at least when you're done for the night you can pat yourself on the back and say, "Good job."

I ordered coach lamps to flank the front door today.  They are powered by replaceable watch batteries.  (The center component of Merriman Park  lifts out, so there isn't really a way to wire it --at least not by any way that I could figure how to do without electrocuting myself)!  So when I saw these coach lamps I was pretty excited because I had resigned myself to having non-working lamps out front.  I am a little worried about the bulbs being LED, as I find LED lights to be generally too garish.  I flat out REFUSE to use LED Christmas lights.  They're just, I don't know --tacky.  And NOT in a good way. Of course this is from a guy who still uses wax candles on his Christmas tree.


Karin Corbin said...[Reply]

Electrified removable walls are possible with the use of "pogo pin" electrical connectors. They are miniature spring loaded electrical pins and matching sockets. You will not find them in any dollhouse store outlet, they come from electronics suppliers.

You can tint the plastic on the LED bulb with a product such as Krylon Stained glass spray. Just put some in a cup and brush it on. Somewhat like putting a gel in front of a theatrical light.

I have used the yellow colored Krylon to tint regular dollhouse light bulbs so they give off a golden glow versus glaring white.

John said...[Reply]

I imagined trying something like your "pogo pins," (though I didn't know what they were called) but I guess I'd better stick with the battery powered lamps. I sometimes feel that I bit off more than I can chew with this project, MY FIRST dollhouse!

I had planned on toning down the bright LED lights, but now I won't have to experiment with colors. Thanks, again, Karin!