Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lead Roof Ridge

Here's the real lead roof ridge. I made a little finial from a pearl-headed pin.  Not sure if it's historically accurate but it just seemed to want it.  I think the faux-lead paint job on the roof turned out pretty sweet, even if I do say so myself.  I didn't get around to flashing the chimneys because I decided to make them a little taller.  Thomas Jefferson's renderings show he favored chimneys like these above: a smaller cube on top of a larger one.  I have to pick up some more crown molding to finish them up.  I couldn't etch the bricks in, yet because the humidity went sky-high today and the paint won't dry.  As I feared, we're moving from winter directly into summer.  Tornado watches out today here in Minneapolis.  (And the snow is not even all gone yet)!
 This photo is a little washed out and you can't really see the streaking effect I did to the lead roof.  Oh well, I will be sure to post some daytime shots, which seem to turn out better.

Weird Weather Alert!  I just went outside and though it was hot and muggy an hour or so ago, the temperature just plummeted and I think we might get more snow tonight!  Awesome!


The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...[Reply]

Wow, John, This is absolutely incredible!! You are amazing! (And now I know how I can afford a pair of Louis XVI chairs!) How big is Merriman Park?

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, AFKAPW! Merriman Park is about 42" long by about 36" high by about 16" deep.