Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lead Roof

Phew!  It's been a tough week!  Miss Edie is now out of the woods and thanks to all for your concern.  I didn't mean for this to turn into a "dear diary" sort of blog, but I guess it's inevitable that sometimes non-Merriman Park stuff is going to creep in here and there.  (If you're interested, I posted daily updates regarding Edie's recovery on my last blog entry).

And now, back to business...

While the Edie drama was unfolding, my lead flashing and roof ridge arrived from England.  So the goal for today is to get the roof painted.  It's funny, but I realized a while back that I could have saved myself a lot of money by simply gluing wood ribs down to the plywood roof instead of using the ribbed roofing material, which was fifteen bucks a sheet (times four)!  Really, I have to paint the roof anyway so what was I thinking?  I mean, I get it, live and learn and Merriman Park is, after all, my first dollhouse --But DUH!   Oh, and while I'm at it, if you ever decide to use real, lead flashing on your model, don't bother getting the "roof ridge" because all it is is a strip of flashing wrapped around a thin dowel --you can easily do that yourself.  I guess I thought it would be, I dunno, more than just that.  But as Mr. Brady used to warn: caveat emptor --let the buyer beware!

So I decided after all that I am not going to bother with the hip roof since it really won't be seen anyway.  But I think the chimneys do need to be raised so I am making extensions for them.


Karin Corbin said...[Reply]

You did not get ripped off. On real houses they did put a piece of wood along the ridge line and covered it with a thin piece of lead. All the ribs on lead roofs are formed over strip wood. Lead is too soft to hold a bend line like the ones used copper or steel sheets.

The advantage of lead is that it can be formed over unusual shapes.

John said...[Reply]

I only meant you could easily form a ridge yourself and save a few bucks. Merriman Park is turning into the proverbial Money Pit!