Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miss Edie

                  Miss Edie (left) and big brother, Jack

Miss Edith ( Edie) Bouvier Beale is the best Shetland Sheepdog in the world Look at those eyes --they're positively Liz Taylor-worthy, though more azure than amethyst.  I love her to pieces, but she is such a little wonder they call her a bitch!   She loves to play with her ball and when that can't be readily found my socks or my 2(x)ist boxer-briefs will suffice, sneaking them out to the backyard to play tug-of-war with her brother, "Blackjack" (Jack) Bouvier.  (Also a pooch par excellence). With the snow finally, slowly melting away, the disappearing drifts are revealing piles of my soggy, half-frozen unmentionables and what would appear to the casual passer-by to be the scene of a very wild party.   

 Jack and Edie's parents are Show Dogs, the winners of multiple ribbons and trophies.  Also destined for the ring, Jack and Edie were disqualified from competition because of minor infractions to the American Kennel Club's staunchly strict standards:  Edie is a half-inch too small and Jack has a slight under-bite.  Silly, I know, but that's show-biz, folks, and whatevs, --that's how the best Shelties in the world came to us.  I like to say we saved them both from a life in Pageants. 

The other night Edie somehow got into a bottle of Extra -Strength Tylenol and it's a good thing I woke up after hearing her throwing them up or this would be her obituary.  She's currently in the University of Minnesota's Small Animal Hospital recovering.  Prognosis: so far, so good.  But her three-day (thus far) stint in rehab sure is costing a pretty penny.  So I guess it's fortunate the aforementioned trip to Florida was canceled, because that money, which was once ear-marked for pool-side cocktails and new, pukka-shell accessories, is now going towards saving my dear little Edie's life.

*NOTE*  I will update Edie's progress here on this page.

Update 3/31  We visited Edie last night and she was extremely listless and did not seem to recognize us.  We were more concerned about her lack of interest in food, because the girl can eat!  She was not responding quickly enough to the antidote and so underwent a transfusion today in order to rid her system of the Tylenol she ingested.  The vet says she was already perking up a little, halfway through the process.

Update 3/31PM  Just got back from the pet hospital.  Edie is still listless and not eating, but her ears perked when she heard the words "treat" and "walk." 

Update 4/1  They let us bring Edie home!  I'm not sure if they thought Edie was out of danger or if they sized us up and figured four thousand bucks was our limit.  Poor little dear has a feeding tube up her nose but at this point it seems unnecessary as she is finally eating solid food.  We make our own dog food --ground meat, rice, and vegetables-- and since she wasn't eating the dubious-looking hospital food, we brought her some of her own special blend in her own dish and she gobbled it all up.  Right in front of the vet, who seemed a bit amazed.  (Edie hadn't eaten in three days).  Still, the feeding tube was left in --I guess it was a pain to install, so might as well leave it in, in case she stops eating again--  Whatevs, I know Edie and she ain't no finicky eater.  That gruel they serve up at the hospital (which no doubt is wholesome,  hearty fair) but seriously, if Edie won't eat it , NOBODY WILL!  

Anyway, she seems much improved over yesterday.  Thanks to all  for the kind thoughts,  prayers and best wishes.  She has to go back Sunday for labs and (I'm sure) feeding tube removal.  I'll let you know what happens...

Update 4/2  Late last night Edie's breathing became erratic so we brought her back to the U of M hospital.  The vet on duty examined her and thought she would be OK so we were sent home.  (They did remove her feeding tube, as she is eating solid food).  She slept all night and ate her breakfast, though not with her usual enthusiasm.  She sure sleeps a lot.  I'm a little worried  that her "touch of pneumonia," which she caught while in the hospital and is taking antibiotics for, is getting worse.

Update 4/2 PM  We brought Edie back to the U of M this afternoon because her breathing was very labored and we assumed that her pneumonia was getting worse.  Turns out it had nothing to do with the pneumonia, And while we waited for her tests to come through, her breathing became easier.  It's just going to take time and I guess she is going to slip and slide her way to recovery (hopefully) so I just need to relax every time she hacks up a lung and not assume the end is near and just let nature take its course.  

On a positive note, her appetite is back --and she demonstrated a little bounce in her step just a bit ago.  And that gives us hope.  

Update 4/3  She is definitely on the mend.  Rather lackluster in the AM but over the day became more animated than I've seen her.  She even chased a squirrel up a tree on her walk!  Well, it wasn't much of a walk --just a few feet down the sidewalk and after the squirrel incident, she got pretty exhausted.  But her appetite is good and she even is taking an interest in her ball.  

The meds thing is pretty confusing.  She's taking six different drugs --some need to be given with food, others on an empty stomach, some can't be taken at the same time,  most of them have to be cut in half or quarters.  One has to be dissolved in water and shot with a syringe down her throat.  (You can imagine how much she likes that). 

Update 4/4  Much more energetic today.  Chasing her ball and ran to the door to greet me home!  We're still concerned about her congestion.  The vet might add another (!) antibiotic.   

Update 4/7  Her personality is thoroughly recovered and she seems her own self, again.  Still a little congested, but that is slowly getting better, too.  Tomorrow she returns to the vet for a final check-up, mainly to make sure her liver is not compromised. 

Update 4/9  Edie had a check-up yesterday and passed with flying colors!  The vet said she was "a textbook case" of Tylenol poisoning recovery, which I guess means she isn't the only dog to have overdosed on the stuff.  We've been referring to her as "Neely," aka Patty Duke from Valley of the Dolls.     

This will be my last Edie Update --back to Merriman Park!  Thanks to everyone for your concern.


Karin Corbin said...[Reply]

I think she wants all of your attention and for you to quit working on Merriman Park and start building her a dog sized Grey Gardens instead.

Hope you all recover quickly.

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Karin --but she's already living in a full-sized Grey Gardens! (Only one cat, though --"Whiskahs."

Iris March said...[Reply]

Many heartfelt "get well soon" wishes for Miss Edith

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I just opened my email and saw your posts. I am so sorry for all the trauma and worry you've been through! What a scary thing. Thank goodness Edie seems to be on the mend! I am sorry you trip to Florida was cancelled. Take care!

Karin Corbin said...[Reply]

Note to Edie...driving them crazy with holding your breath is trick that only human 2 year olds are allowed to do.

Aric said...[Reply]

Glad to here she is back to her old self.

Giac said...[Reply]

I'm so glad she was okay. I know how horrible it is when our little friends are sick!