Sunday, March 13, 2011

Center Component FINISHED!

I finished the center component today --this means all the windows and the door are permanently fixed in place.  So I can remove the whole central bay of Merriman Park all at once!  No more windows toppling out and breaking into pieces!  I finished the stonework and I added corbels to the upper corners of all the second story windows.
          There's that ghostly specter again in the center window.  Spooky!

I'm deliberately avoiding bricking the end section --it's so tedious!  But I will try and get it finished tomorrow. (My last "vacation" day).  Yes, I should have been sitting on the beach this weekend --if it weren't for poor, crippled Glen-- but getting so much work done has actually been rather satisfying.

                  "Butcha ARE, Blanche!  Ya ARE in that chair!"