Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Taking a Breather

I had to take a break from etching bricks to working on the stone facade.  Unfortunately, I was working while having just a teensy, little martini before dinner and I jacked it all up and had to start over practically from scratch!  One step forward, two steps back...Ugh!  Note to self:  Don't drink and paint.  At first I was totally bummed by my idiocy, and not even watching the fur fly on RuPaul's Drag Race could console me, but I'm liking how it's turning out. Live and drink I mean learn.  Learn!
As you can see, I also finished the front door with knobs and kick plates.  They're gold-plated brass.  Fancy-schmancy, huh?  I decided to beef up the stairs, too.  I'm trying desperately to keep Merriman Park's footprint small as to not  completely take over my dining room, where it will finally sit, but --what's another 3/4 inch? 
The big push now is to finally install the cast iron balustrade between the pillars.  This will mean the pillars will at long last be fixed into place.  I can't believe they haven't broken to bits for the number of times they've tipped over!  I'm having just a little angst over this step --drilling holes into the balcony floor and into my columns  makes me kind of nervous...
The banisters are from Sue Cook Miniatures in England.  (As are the face keystones in the photo). The banisters are cast, I believe, out of lead but *confidential to Karin Corbin* --I promise I won't lick them.  BTW, I have ordered several items from Sue Cook and have always been perfectly thrilled with both the superb quality of her wares and her extremely prompt service. In fact, I just placed another order with her for a ceiling medallion for the Entrance Hall.  I know!  The interior! 


Iris March said...[Reply]

Wow, the brick work is terrific and now so is the stone work. Good luck with the balustrade. I am really enjoying this!