Friday, March 11, 2011

Installing the balustrade

We were supposed to leave for Florida today, but because of Glen's accident on the icy sidewalk our vacation was canceled.  Ugh!  This Winter has been a complete nightmare!  But I decided to take the day off anyway and work on Merriman Park.  I got a good start on the railing, after stewing about it for several days.  Thanks to all who "held my hand" and gave me the advice I needed.

The splats are set into holes drilled into the balcony floor and the handrails are set into the pillars.  the tops of the splats are set into a narrow groove cut into the underside of the railing.  I still have to cut spacers to fit in between the spats.  I'm pretty happy (and relieved) this task is almost complete.
 I permanently glued the columns in and reinforced them with small brads which were set with pre-drilled pilot holes.  No cracking this time!  At least now I no longer have to fret about the columns toppling over and breaking. Someday, I'll be able to say the same thing about the windows and doors.

My goal is to finish bricking the "East Wing" end wall, and fine-tune the stonework.  I also took Monday off, so I think this goal is attainable...stay tuned!  All this work done and no unsightly sunburn!  Florida, Schmorida.


Erick said...[Reply]

The railing looks superb! Nice work

Christmas Debbie said...[Reply]

John, This is coming along so wonderfully. I'm very impressed!
Would you mind sharing where you found the wonderful balcony railings?
I love that you built the whole section in one piece, what a great idea.
Debbie Knight

John said...[Reply]

The intricate splats are from Sue Cook in England. The straight bars are cut from a wire coat hanger! The railing is wood, purchased from any dollhouse shop.