Sunday, March 20, 2011

Night Shots

I couldn't resist.  I snapped these (with a pillar candle in each room) before the whole house --Merriman Park as well as my own real house!-- burst into flames...

                Gives you an idea of an electrified Merriman Park.

Reminds me of eighth grade:  World Religion class.  I made a model of some Russian Orthodox cathedral.  It was pretty impressive -- I remember having to convince my pals that I actually made it and didn't purchase it at --what? --the Russian Orthodox Cathedral Model Store?  Whatevs.  Anyway, naturally I got an A+ on it but what to do with it afterward?  My juvenile delinquent, so-called friends had a fabulous idea:  blow it up to smitherings.  I was too into peer-pressure issues back in those days to resist so naturally I agreed.  So there went my A+ model Russian Orthodox cathedral --up in smoke and a bang, bang, bang of M-80 firecrackers.


Karin Corbin said...[Reply]

Pity about destroying a fine project. But at the same time I understand how much fun it would be to blow it up.

Certain individuals(unnamed)used to go up on the mountainside above an unnamed city, take along a car jack in the backpack and tip boulders down the mountain. I have always wondered if those persons are still doing it in their golden age.

John said...[Reply]

Girl! See how you is!

Cassandra said...[Reply]

I may borrow your idea with the candles since my houses are not electrified. It makes for a very atmospheric photo.