Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coach Lamp

I ordered a pair of coach lamps to flank the front door of Merriman Park and they were on back-order so I kind of forgot about them.  One of them arrived in the mail yesterday, which makes me a little nervous.  There was no explanation as to why they sent just the one and of course no one has answered my inquiries as of yet.  Hopefully, I'll end up with a matching set and not get two similar but different lamps!  (This stuff happens to me all the time). 

Once, back in my thea-TAH days I was making a costume and needed a certain number of paste jewels to sew onto the bodice and the helpful staff at the shop I bought the gems at assured me --swore up and down-- that they could "special order" the number I needed, so I reluctantly purchased the few they had in stock (against better judgment) and foolishly stitched them to the garment and OF COURSE it turned out they were no longer available! 

Ever since, I am a bit sceptical of "back" and "special"-orders.  Anyway, here's the lamp"

I like how the black cast iron color is repeated in both the lamp and the balcony railing.  Cross your fingers that the other lamp arrives, someday!

As I feared the LED, battery-powered light is absolutely garish!  Karin Corbin says I can tone it down with paint, but the color is such a ghastly, neon-bluish hue that I fear any attempt at masking it will only result in an even more hideous tone.  I suppose I will try anyway because I could never live with it as is.  Perhaps there are less shall we say vulgar colored LED bulbs available?
Maggie Smith (as the Dowager Countess of Grantham): "It's too bright!  I feel as if I am on-stage at the Gaiety!"


Karin Corbin said...[Reply]

You can put "gels" on white LED bulbs and change the color but you can't change the color of red, yellow, orange or blue LED bulbs.

Gallery glass makes a good gel coating. If you don't like it you can peel it right off.

John said...[Reply]

I don't know if I have a blue LED bulb, or a clear bulb that just emits an eerie, blue glow. When off, the bulb appears to be clear. Ugh!

Karin Corbin said...[Reply]

If it was a blue led you would be in absolutely no doubt of that.

It is white therefore you can gel it.

John said...[Reply]


Iris March said...[Reply]

I too, am always leery of special & back orders! Life can be one big surprise after another.

Good to know about the gel paints (what color should one use?). I bought some LED lights for a dollhouse that I didn't want to go through too much trouble to light -- yea gad -- that white light was very upsetting! I understand that there are some LEDs with a "warm" light -- bound to be better -- well, maybe.