Sunday, March 27, 2011

Open Sesame!

Just realized that I haven't posted a photograph of Merriman Park with the front opened up!  I honestly can't begin to tell you how completely marvelous it is being able to open the two, swinging, hinged doors and ne'er again have to worry about the windows plopping out and go crashing to the floor (usually snapping off a pediment or a keystone in the process).

The right side door used to stick a little, but I was able to correct that flaw, so everything now opens smooth as silk.  I really need to get those stairs glued in place.

 The double stair glimpsed behind the Palladian screen in the Entrance Hall (bottom center).

Here it is with the center component removed.  There will be doors in all the openings on the back wall;  the intent is to give the illusion of more rooms beyond.  I have been toying with the idea of adding a few inches off the back of the house so these doors would open onto a hall, but alas, I think space constraints in my real-life house prohibit this expansion as well.  But I plan on using working doors, just in case I someday change my mind.  And you, dear, regular readers of  this blog know how much I like to change my mind!

A new Follower of Merriman Park, Cassandra, recently read my entire blog --start to finish--  the whole thing!  And she was kind enough to comment on nearly every post!  This made me go back and re-examine my older posts and I realized just how much the plans for Merriman Park have changed over time. BTW, check out Cassandra's miniature village --it is simply fabulous --and as I've said before:  I don't use the f-word lightly.  You can click on her icon to the right to guide you to her most enchanted world.


Heather said...[Reply]

You have done a wonderful job. (And your blog makes me laugh too!) Love the house. Can't wait to see the progression!

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Heather!

Giac said...[Reply]

Your plans are fantastic! you really get a sens that there is more to the house then you see. I'm in shock/jealous of your craftmanship! AbFab!

John said...[Reply]

High praise, indeed, coming from you, Giac! Wish I had half your talent.