Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fireplace Surround & Firebox

Didn't get too much accomplished today, except the firebox and the black marble surround, which I love!  --Thanks for the tip, Giac!  Giac has a great tutorial on his blog about fireboxes, and I totally used his method for mine .  Simple. Easy. Effective! 

You can see the marble medallion under the 'controversial' (lol)! center table.  I haven't glued it down, yet...hoping to get some feedback, first? 

Still have not fixed the fireplace sconces, as you can see.  They're 'bi-pin' fixtures and I bought bulbs that have really long wires attached to them.  I assume you can just cut the wires and remove the insulation, but you know what happens when you make assumptions!  I also have to lengthen the wires on one of the sconces so that will be another fun, new adventure for me.

I experimented with gold paint and the metallic gold  pigment powder.  They really helped make a cheap, resin frame look much more expensive.  I tried using the same on some of the moldings on the wainscot of the Hall but you know, what?  I didn't like it.  I think I like the room as is --understated eleganza! 

I received in the mail today the invoice from Sue Cook Miniatures in England, and that means my stair splats will arrive soon!  Can't wait!

 Hope that everyone is having a great weekend!