Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stairway Sneak Peek!

Spurred on by the success of the Entrance Hall floor, I was inspired to begin working on the double, Palladian staircase!
Miniaturist extraordinaire Giac, over at English Manor Dollhouse, has an awesome tutorial posted on his blog on how to build a staircase from scratch, so I won't go into details here.  His method of using wood glue with a drop or two of superglue makes clamping unnecessary.  Just hold for a second, and...
              Presto!  One side done.... and now on to the other side!
                                   Just glue it...set it....
                                    And forget it!
The stair is set behind this Palladian screen.  But it's too early to install this component.  The pillars are from Labre.
These stair brackets from Sue Cook Miniatures will finish off the stairway...I started to glue them on but decided to wait until I can get the wallpaper printed up.
Here's the stair set against the back wall.  Now it won't topple over anymore when I bump the house!  Now I can't decide what sort of balustrade the stair should have,  wood or...
                  Wrought iron?  What do you think? 

It feels great to have gotten some things done...I have the entire week off work so hopefully there will be more progress to report in the very near future!


Dollhouse Brazil said...[Reply]

wrought iron has my vote, but only if you paint it white. :)

Simon Williams said...[Reply]

Hey John. Great job!
I've been checking your Blog for updates as Im desperate to see how you are going to tackle the interiors after making such a good job on the ecterior - and now you have a week off to crack on... YIPEE! Can't wait for more updates. I'd go with the Sue Cook bannisters but being a bit flash I'd probably spray them gold!
Good luck matey...

John said...[Reply]

I had thought on doing a white-painted, wooden bannister --now I'm torn!

Simon, I was planning on highlighting parts of the outdoor balcony in gold. Just haven't got around to it...

Irene said...[Reply]

Excellent progress here. I'd go with black wrought iron on the stairs (to co-ordinate with your floor).

I've been watching for updates too!

Giac said...[Reply]

Hello again John,
Your staircase look great! Your Entrance Hall already looks so graceful and beautiful! You should really be proud of your work!
Absolutely fabulous!