Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today I managed to prime and paint (first coat, anyway)  all the components that will be white.  Well, it's not exactly a true  white-white --more of a 'clotted-cream,' if you will.  (I read somewhere that they didn't have pure white  "back in the day," as my friend, Thomasina says).  I suppose that would be expected, when our beleaguered ancestors had to mix their paints from cow's milk and lead, and bird droppings  --and God knows what else...

(Speaking of the All-Mighty, thank you, Lord, for spray paint!) 

A chill, North wind was positively howling through the environs of  Minnesota today, which made spray-painting an amusing prospect.  I think I got more paint on my new-ish True Religion jeans than I got on the Entrance Hall components.

So, it's getting down to the actual putting of the room together.  Only thing left, really, is the wiring.  Merriman Park is my first dollhouse and some of the technical aspects of the project are a little shall we say daunting!  I am planning on running the wires through the fireplace chases and through the "attic' & 'basement' spaces and out the back to socket strips.  Ray W. gave me some great advice today in regard to wiring --and sorry, Ray, I didn't realize until now that you were such an eminent figure in the miniature world!  So your interest in my little project is doubly appreciated --and  also humbling.

OK, everyone: I ordered the 'wrought iron' splats from Sue Cook!  Thomas Jefferson would absolutely  plotz, but I can't wait to install them on the staircase of Merriman Park!

I almost forgot --I also made today a fireplace surround from some of the left-over 'marble' paper and some scrap illustration board.  I had to use the white marble as there was no black left.  (But I ordered some more black so I could easily change it out, if needed).  Opinions?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone who has taken the time to comment on this blog and even send me personal emails with your well-appreciated advice and criticism  This project sometimes seems like I bit off more than I can chew but your kind words have compelled me to slog on!


Simon Williams said...[Reply]

John, John, John... I can't tell you how much I look forward to your updates. They're GREAT! You would never guess this was your first dolls house project - you've been a total Pro from the start.
(by the way, I do wiring in the same way you areplanning. I don't know why but thecopper tape route doesn't appeal)
I hope you had yourself a Martini after your efforts today?

John said...[Reply]

Oh, hell, yeah, Simon! I'm having a Martini as we speak --er, type!

Ray W said...[Reply]

Hello John!
It is a real pleasure to get to see and read about young people like you, and Giac, and Simon Williams, who are doing on your own, such beautiful miniature structures and rooms. My compliments to all of you for diving in and trying different things and sharing what you know and accomplish. Even though you say that this is your first "Dollshouse" attempt it is an award winning performance!
I look forward each day to reading more so keep posting!

Giac said...[Reply]

Good morning John,
I know, really know, what you mean by "feeling like you bit off more then you can chew", but just look at what you've accomplished so far. I have about 8 years worth of "miniature Collector" magazines, and your unfinished work, in my humble opinion, already outshines and has more realism then A LOT of miniaturist and artisans. Don't be afraid of electrical. It seems very difficult, but it really is all bark and no bite! The marble for the fireplace looks great. Black marble would make stand out more, but then it might compete with the floor.
You painted in new-ish True Religion Jeans...sacrilege!!!
Enjoy the rest of your week off and you are doing Wonderful work...Ray Whitledge follows you for Pete's sake!

Simon said...[Reply]

Hey John
Just got home after spending the day at my desk dhecking for updates from you - is that classed as internet stalking? Hope you've had another productive day. I know I shouldn't but wanted to say a shout out to Ray - thanks for your kind words earlier - we should plan an International Blogers convention!
Take care all