Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wallpaper, Part II

Couldn't resist laying the marble floor down, now that it is dry.  Hope the floor is not too shiney --maybe I'll put a coat or two with a matte finish.  The Sue Cook stair brackets are just temporarily attached with wax (I love that stuff)! 
I finished the wainscot panels on either side of the mantle.  Of course there will be a skirting board as well as a chair rail all around.

I can't decide how to finish the stair landing.  Should it be marble? The front of the landing is problematic, too.  Should I add a bull-nose molding to the upper edge, or continue the skirting across it?  Decisions, decisions... I thought I'd finish the door in a dark walnut stain.

Thomas Jefferson, whose architecture inspired Merriman Park, would surely not approve of my staircase!  While he was stationed in France as American Ambassador, the French were building mansion houses in Paris with 'suppressed' staircases --they were tucked discreetly into small alcoves.  Even the grandest townhouses featured stairs crammed into the tiniest possible space.  'Grand' staircases briefly fell out of fashion and were considered a waste of space and expense.  Jefferson took that concept home and utilized it in most of his subsequent work.  So I originally planned on not showing the stair at all...

I'm glad I changed my mind!  (With apologies to Thomas Jefferson)!  I'm afraid the old boy would spin in his grave if I used the wrought iron balustrade from Sue Cook --but whatevs, T.J.!


Irene said...[Reply]

The third picture especially looks pretty impressive! A good day's work.

Personally, I think I would continue the marble between the staircases. You could use the black marble on the upriser. Just a thought.

Giac said...[Reply]

That's all I have to say

John said...[Reply]

Irene, that is a great idea! I'm going to pick up some more marbled paper!

Giac said...[Reply]

Hello again John,
If you marble the landing it will look more like an Entry way or exit, kind of like a portico behind the columns.
If you add nosing and paint it to match the staircase, then I think it will make it look more like a grand staircase.
Both options would look great. It depends on the look you prefer.

John said...[Reply]

Hmmm, you might be right about that, Giac...I'm going to have to think this through!

Giac said...[Reply]

I just read your comment on my blog...I'm so sorry about your coffee! I hope it wasent too hot!

John said...[Reply]

I'm good, Giac! LOL!