Wednesday, September 7, 2011

LED Light Update

Could this light be any more obnoxious?
Remember how I have been struggling with the LED carriage lamps I purchased to flank the front door of Merriman Park?  I really hate the garish quality of the light they cast.  And then my kooky, drunkard of a neighbor passed out one night and crushed one of them! 

Well, while trolling the internet miniature shops the other day I found LED carriage lamps that emit an 'amber glow!'   I am so excited!  They are available at Minimum World in England.  I have ordered from them in the past and they come highly recommended.  Merriman Park's top story comes practically exclusively from Minimum World: the lead flashing, urns, pedestals and balustrade were all purchased there.

Can't wait until the new lamps arrive!

September has brought a rush of cooler air to these drops down into the 50s at night which any Minnesotan will tell you is perfect sleeping weather.  I've actually had to wear a light jacket to work in the morning (even though the daytime temps bounce nicely back into the 70s).  All my way of saying that Dollhouse Weather is fast approaching, and I'll be getting back to work on Merriman Park, and also on this neglected blog!


cassandra ludwig-malone toth said...[Reply]

Just the other day when we had a drop in temps too I was thinking of you and your blog and "DOLLHOUSE WEATHER"!!!

I took a day off work and made some progress, finally, on one of my dollhouses too.

Looking forward to watching your progress this coming season.

I LOVE dollhouse weather!!

John said...[Reply]

Thanks for 'thinking of me,' Cassandra! I thought of you, too when I wrote this post.

I've grown to love 'dollhouse weather,' too --thanks to Merriman Park!

Giac said...[Reply]

Hello John,
I looked over your blog quickly and I can't wait to take the time to go through it in more detail. I just had to write and tell you that your work is absolutely inspiring. I'm excited to follow your blog and watch the house evolve. Great work!

Giac said...[Reply]

Hi John,
I just finished reading your entire blog and I CANT wait to read more. You're doing an absolutely beautiful Job. It was a pleasure tor ead! Keep up the fantastic work!

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, Giac! Your work has inspired me as well, and I look forward to seeing your Victorian evolve...thanks for all the comments you posted and for all the compliments!

Dollhouse Brazil said...[Reply]

Have you heard of Evans Designs? They have all shades of LED lights: white, red, green, yellow, blue, orange, warm, cold, you name it!

Check them out, they are my favorite suppliers for lights: