Sunday, September 25, 2011


Spent the morning correcting a little 'oopsy!'  When I made my marble floor I forgot that there was a little step on the inside of the center component of Merriman Park's facade.

With the marble flooring in place, I cannot slip the center component in its spot!  It's just too tight a fit.  Panic attack!  

I thought I was going to have to notch out my marble floor to accommodate the step, but that would have looked horrible.

So instead I decided to shave off a fraction of an inch off the bottom of the step.  Easy-peasy, right?  Well, maybe for you!  How to do the job without damaging (cutting into) the center component?  What sort of saw would work best?

Decisions, decisions!  I opted for a regular-sized back-saw after trying a coping saw and even a miniature miter saw.  But first I masked the walls with good old duct tape, for protection.

I was also afraid of scratching the exterior painted finish, or worse yet, wrecking my 'cast iron' balcony!  So I used one of my upholstered dining room chairs as a work bench.
Then I carefully started sawing away.  God was it nerve-racking!  It took quite a long time, with a coffee break about half-way through, but I managed to get the step trimmed and leave the center component unscathed! 

 Mission: Accomplished!  Now I can put Merriman Park back together, again. 

This has been such a great week, having the time to work on my house and making so much progress!  I've got a list of stuff I need to buy in order to complete the Entrance Hall, but I've been going a little crazy in that department this week and I've been put on a strict budget until next week.  (Who needs things like food when there are gorgeous, little things to buy)? Tomorrow, it's back to the old grind ...Oh, well --it was fun while it lasted.  I am already starting to decorate my other five rooms --in my head anyway.  I 'm so looking forward to turning my ideas into reality.


Simon said...[Reply]

Hey John
I think it's fair to say we have enjoyed you having this week off too! All the progress you have made and your fabulous updates have brightened up my week no end. I can just inagine the nerves when carrying out that minor operation. I'd have been a wreck! But all's well that ends well, as they say.
Well done again on a triumph of a week. (good luck back down the "mine" tomorrow)

Giac said...[Reply]

Hi John,
Si said it best, what a pleasure following your posts this week and what wonderful progress! I can't wait for your next week off! Great job correcting the step.
Have a good day back at strong strong...

John said...[Reply]

Thanks, you guys! I really appreciate all the support and commentary you two, Irene and Ray and everybody else posted last week. I am so honored and thrilled to have such luminaries taking an interest in my project. I will try not to disappoint, (but bear with me & remember --I'm a newbie)!

cassandra ludwig-malone toth said...[Reply]

I can sympathize with having to hold off on the purchasing of delicious bits for the DH. I could do more for my DH much faster if there were a larger budget for it.

John said...[Reply]

I KNOW, right, Cassandra? This whole having champagne taste and a beer budget totally sucks!

Sometimes I wish I had a less-expensive hobby --beer can collecting, perhaps?