Monday, September 26, 2011

New LED Lanterns Arrived!

My heart skipped a beat as I arrived home today (from my first day back-on-the-job after my week-long 'stay-cation.'  Not one but two packages sitting on my porch!  I automatically assumed that one of them was my stair splats from Sue Cook Miniatures and the other?  My carriage lamps for the front facade of Merriman Park!

Naturally I had to immediately  try them on for size...

I would like to drill shallow 3/4" holes to recess the 'plate' of the lamp into the wall a little bit.  But god! it makes me nervous to start drilling holes in my house! 

The 3/4" drill bit I have on hand won't work --it has a 'starter point' on it that would penetrate the wall completely.  I think there are bits that would work better, so looks like I'll be making a trip back to Minnehaha Falls Hardware Store.

Here they are 'on,' and the color is a little off from 'real life' but still much more preferable than the previous pair! 

I think I can live with them (though they need a touch-up of black paint).

Hopefully, I'll find the right bit to drill the holes --and garner up the guts to 'gitter done!'

The other package turned out not to be my parcel from Sue Cook, put my partner's cell phone, which he had left behind in California.  Oh, well!

I also worked a little on chair rail and skirting molding.  In order to finish, I'll have to take everything apart to 
get to the back walls.  Think I'll take a little break and wait until my stair splats arrive before I do that! 

BTW nothing in the bottom photo has been glued down, so rest assured that those gaps will get tightened up.

Have a great week, everyone!


Giac said...[Reply]

Hi John,
I hope the day wasen't too painful! I like the look of the lanterns. If anything I find the light looks very much like the gentle glow of a candle or of a gas burner.
I love the wall detail. The whole room is very elegant in it's simplicity. Very regal!

Karin Corbin said...[Reply]

Use a router bit or forstner bit rather than a standard drill bit.

A standard 3/4 inch drill bit will indeed make a mess of things.

Simon said...[Reply]

Hey John. You survived the first day back down the mine then? Pretty people accross the globe were worried. I love the lamps, they have a charming vintage feel to them. Plain old white lights would possibly have been a little fake and modern looking. You've done a great job on the chair rail and skirting board, even though it isn't fitted in place yet. I can't wait for the splats to arrive... Have a good week. Si

Ray W said...[Reply]

Good Morning John!
The new lanterns are great! They have a "Vintage" look that the first one did not have. I agree with Giac, the light is more like candle or gaslight.
I received an e-mail last night regarding a new post of "Thanks" for the help I offered as comment on an older post of yours. You had not forgotten to acknowledge my suggestions. It dawns on me that I might have sounded like a "know it all"......and that is far from the true reality of who I am. I have learned much from others over the years that greatly helped me advance my skills. So I am eager to pass along what little I know when someone expresses a need. I love sharing information that I have about miniatures and sometimes (like now) talk too much. get to the end of this book I will be less in your face and not "Flood" you with text unless you ask.
I am enjoying being part of "Merriman Park", and "Late Victorian English Manor Dollhouse" and "Miniature Enthusiast" Each new post from all of you is something I look forward to with great anticipation.
So "Thank You" for the opportunity to get to know you through your miniatures.

John said...[Reply]

Hi, everyone! Glad the coach lamps are a hit. Have a look at my older posts regarding my search for the 'right' lamp!

Thanks, Karin --right, as usual! Always so great to see your comments here.

Ray, I SO appreciate any & all your advice! (Please, no holding back)!

I did exactly as you directed about the chandelier and it worked perfectly.

Giac & Simon: your encouragement & enthusiasm compel me to 'press ever on!'

Thank you, ALL!